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Who We Are

The Mount Sinai Heath System is undertaking a sweeping transformation of Mount Sinai Beth Israel (MSBI), by investing over $500 million to create the new Mount Sinai Downtown network, an expanded and unified network of state-of-the-art facilities stretching from the East River to the Hudson River below 34th Street. It will also create a revolutionary network of greatly expanded primary, specialty, urgent, behavioral and outpatient surgery services that seeks to address the healthcare needs of today and the future. Our goal is keeping people healthy and out of the hospital and bringing services to our patients where they live and work.

Mount Sinai Downtown will include:

  • A brand new Mount Sinai Downtown Beth Israel Hospital and state-of-the-art Emergency Department on 14th Street and Second Avenue, two blocks from the existing Beth Israel Hospital
  • More than 220 beds throughout the Downtown network
  • Three major sites performing surgeries with over 35 operating and procedure rooms
  • Major expansion of walk-in services, including primary and specialty care
  • An extensive network of 16 physician practice locations with over 600 physicians
  • Enhanced behavioral health services at Beth Israel’s Bernstein Building
  • New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai’s world-class services will be preserved and many will be enhanced

These facilities will be conveniently located throughout the community to better serve each patient in the most appropriate setting, whether in a traditional hospital bed or even in the patient’s home. The goal of the transformation toward a new model of care will put the focus on keeping entire communities healthy and out of the hospital.

Transformation: Phase 1

Mount Sinai Downtown Union Square (formerly the Phillips Ambulatory Care Center).We are expanding and upgrading Mount Sinai Downtown Union Square. In addition to the existing services, it will become a more specialized care facility with a new Urgent Care Center. At 275,000 square feet, Mount Sinai Downtown Union Square will be New York’s largest freestanding care center.

Renovations—such as creating state-of-the-art procedure rooms and upgrading technology for top electronic health records systems—will allow Mount Sinai to provide a number of new, specialized services at Union Square, including endoscopy, disease management programs, and a Respiratory Institute, and expanded and enhanced ambulatory procedural capabilities.

By mid-2017, Union Square’s second floor will be home to a new, comprehensive Urgent Care Center, including pediatric care, with weekend and evening hours. This expanded access will provide community members the care they need at more convenient times, close to home.

Mount Sinai Downtown Chelsea Center (formerly Mount Sinai Cancer Center West). At Mount Sinai Downtown Chelsea Center we will be opening a Women’s Cancer Center facility with integrated breast cancer and gynecology oncology services, upgraded technology and expanded mammography services.

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Institute. MSBI also plans to create a unique Comprehensive Behavioral Health Institute to serve patients, families and the community of downtown Manhattan. The flagship building of the Institute will be the Bernstein Pavilion on 16th Street, which will provide enhanced behavioral health services as part of a continuum of integrated inpatient, emergency, intensive outpatient, and ambulatory services, including primary care service.

Integrated Physician Practice Network. Finally, additional Mount Sinai physician practice locations throughout downtown will serve as an entry point into the larger health system of coordinated and integrated care. In all, more than 16 physician practice locations with over 600 physicians serving one million visits per year will be part of Mount Sinai Downtown’s network.