Per Diem Physician Assistant Urology

Job Description

Under the supervision of an assigned Attending Physician, performs diagnostic and therapeutic tasks and renders varied medical services to provide comprehensive patient care in HHC hospitals, NFCC’s and long-term care facilities.


1. Elicits a detailed and accurate history and performs an appropriate physical

examination on patients in either an inpatient, outpatient or extended care facility.

2. Develops an assessment and a therapeutic plan and renders ongoing patient care based on this plan in an inpatient and outpatient setting as per protocol.

3. Orders and interprets appropriate laboratory tests, x-rays, EKG’s, diagnostic

procedures and writes prescriptions according to protocols established by the service and in compliance with the New York State Rules and Regulations governing the performance of Physician Assistants.

4. Performs specific procedures, including but not necessarily limited to: drawing blood specimens for testing; blood counts; urinalysis; pap smears; bacteriologic smears; gram stain of sputum and other culturable material(s); vital capacity; administering oxygen; incisions and drainage; wound care and debridement; nasogastric and nasotracheal intubation; gastric analysis; lumbar punctures; routine suturing of lacerations; skin biopsies; placing indwelling arterial catheters and making blood gas determinations; applying and removing casts and traction apparatus; starting I.V. solutions, administering I.V. medications and other therapeutic procedures for which he or she has received specific supervised training and evaluation.

5. Initiates consultations and refers patient for special testing according to hospital protocols.

6. Participates in daily rounds to observe and record pertinent progress of patients, updating and summarization charts, writing orders and progress notes and notifying the Physician of changes in the patient’s condition, when appropriate.

7. Participating in team conferences, lectures and grand rounds for the service.

8. Instructs and counsels the patient and his or her family about preventative care, medical problems, prescribed treatments and drugs, normal growth and development, family planning, situational adjustment reactions, and other.

9. Assists the supervising Physician and back up Physicians on any other procedures falling within the scope of practice of that Physician.

10. Performs BLS and ACLS procedures in the presence of life threatening situations such as cardiac and/or respiratory distress when a Physician is unavailable and with Physician when appropriate.


Qualification Requirements:

1. Current New York State registration as a Physician Assistant; or

2. Current limited permit issued by New York State to practice as a Physician Assistant.


The Mount Sinai Health System is an equal opportunity employer. We promote recognition and respect for individual and cultural differences, and we work to make our employees feel valued and appreciated, whatever their race, gender, background, or sexual orientation. 
EOE Minorities/Women/Disabled/Veterans

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