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Nurse Midwife

Elmhurst, New York

Job Description

Midwifery practice as conducted by certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) and certified midwives (CMs) is the independent management of women’s health care, focusing particularly on pregnancy, childbirth, the post partum period, care of the newborn, and the family planning and gynecologic needs of women. The CNM and CM practice within a health care facility (Elmhurst Hospital) that provides for consultation, collaborative management, or referral, as indicated. CNMs and CMs practice in accord with the Standards for the Practice of Midwifery, as defined by the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM).

Duties and Responsibilities

1.         With medical supervision/ consultation as applicable, to meet the needs of the service.

2.         Assumes responsibility for the management of the medically low risk

women, and initiate referrals as appropriate.

3.         Interprets the midwife’s function and role through the obstetrical and

Gynecological Department.


4.         Takes complete history (medical, surgical, genetic, sexual, gynecology and

family). Performs complete physical examination including pelvic exam.

5.         Determines and order necessary laboratory, radiology tests.

6.         On the basis of findings, develop and document an assessment and a plan

of care for the obstetrical patients.

7.         Plans and provides continuing health supervision and education for

informed decisions making.

8.         Makes appropriate referrals to other clinics including high risk and non-

stress testing.


9.         Review of antepartum records and take complete history.

10.       Evaluates status of labor.

11.       Provides follow through on patient preferences of childbirth concepts with

family and significant other involvement.

12        Plans for continuous care and support.

13.       Manages labor and delivery of baby.

14.       Supervises immediate care of the newborn.


15.       Makes periodic visits to mother and baby.

16.       Assists with breast-feeding.

17.       Assists mothers in plans for care of her, newborn and family, making

appropriate referrals as necessary. For example referrals to breast-feeding

consultants, and social worker.

18.      Evaluates and discharge low risks, postpartum day two patients.

Contraception: Family Planning

19.       Takes complete medical, obstetrical and family history.

20.       Reviews previous records and laboratory data.

21.       Performs physical and pelvic examination as required for visit.

22.       Determines and order necessary laboratory/ radiology tests.

23.       On the basis of findings, evaluate the health status, and discuss with

patient/partner, if present, the option and preference of the methods of


24.       Initiates contraceptive modality use.


25.       Care for women beyond the post partum period.

Annual gynecology examination with attention to preconception counseling and management of postmenopausal patients.

26.       Performs and order diagnostic work up for example endometrial biopsy, sonograms and mammograms, and level one infertility work up.


Performs other related duties as assigned by the Director of Service or supervising physician.

-Participates in patient and family life education program with special emphasis on furthering continuity of educational concepts pertaining to all phases of the reproductive cycle.

-Participates in the teaching of medical, midwifery, P.A and nursing students, the clinical applications of basic obstetrics, gynecology and family planning.

-Initiates and participates in studies and research related to health care,

midwifery or allied fields, and as appropriate, within the guidelines of the


The Mount Sinai Health System is an equal opportunity employer. We promote recognition and respect for individual and cultural differences, and we work to make our employees feel valued and appreciated, whatever their race, gender, background, or sexual orientation.
EOE Minorities/Women/Disabled/Veterans

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