Associate Researcher

Job Description

The Associate Researcher will be responsible for research projects regarding the STICU, trauma service, and Neurosurgery. It will be the duty of the coordinator to maintain all trauma research efforts, research assistants, and generate grant proposals to fund trauma-related research endeavors.

Duties and Responsibilities:

-Develop IRB and submit proposals within specified deadlines.

-Schedule regular meetings to monitor the progress of the research projects.

-Review ideas and develop with new research projects and proposals.

-Review grants possibilities; and prepare grant proposals.

-Generate statistical inputs to assess data and power the identified research projects.

-Coordinate participation of residents/students/attending on the research projects.

-Provide input as to study design and analysis.

-Supervise and manage the Research Assistants and other itinerant staff needed for research projects including but not limited to performance management.

-Other duties as assigned.

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