Job Description

A post-doctoral position is open for a recent Ph. D. with expertise in immunology, virology and/or molecular biology to perform studies relevant to HIV vaccine design and evaluation. Projects include studies of (a) various immune functions exhibited by antibodies in sera from immunized animals and humans, (b) development of vaccine regimens and formulations that enhance the quality and duration of the immune response, and (c) structure/functions studies of HIV envelope proteins. Laboratory consists of ~15 individuals including two principle investigators, junior faculty, post-docs, students and technicians. Principle investigators have published extensively in Science, Nature, Journal of Virology, Structural Biology, Journal of Experimental Medicine, etc. and are internationally recognized for the contributions to HIV biology, immunology and vaccine development. Post-doc is expected to be highly creative and able to think and perform experiments under supervision of PIs but with great independence. Writing skills and proficiency in English are essential as is the ability to present work orally.
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