Job Description

The Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical Psychology is 12-month position at the World Trade Center Mental Health Treatment Program at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. The fellowship will begin as soon as possible and will run for twelve months from the original start date. The position should be filled as soon as possible to address the ongoing pressing and acute need to hire a Spanish-speaking psychologist who can provide psychotherapeutic treatment along with psychological testing to our Spanish-speaking patients. This fellowship is designed to prepare the post-doctoral level trainee to assume the professional responsibilities of a clinical psychologist with specialized training in the assessment and treatment of posttraumatic reactions in first responders. The Fellowship has a standard salary of $50,000 per year in addition to health care insurance and benefits. Opportunities also exist for academic writing, collaborating with clinical researchers, and supervision of psychology graduate students. Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.

Applicants must have fulfilled requirements for a Ph.D. in counseling or clinical psychology.

Duties and Responsibilities:
The Postdoctoral Fellow’s position will be 100% clinical and will include the following duties: conducting individual psychotherapy (20 hours), conducting intake assessments (3 hours), co-leading group psychotherapy (1 hour), conducting psychological testing/Extended Assessments (5 hours) , supervising psychology externs (1 hours), attending program staff meetings (2 hours), attending supervising for own clinical activities (3 hours) and completing all required paperwork related to clinical duties (5 hours). Total = 40 hours

Performs other related duties

The Postdoctoral Fellow must have earned a PhD or PsyD in counseling or clinical psychology from an APA approved program along with having attended an APA approved internship.

The Postdoctoral Fellow will have satisfied the requirements of having earned their doctorate (PhD or PsyD) in counseling or clinical psychology which includes having satisfactorily finished both externship training experience along with an APA approved internship experience.

Licensing Requirements:
The Postdoctoral Fellow will have earned their doctorate in counseling or clinical psychology but will have not yet earned their license to practice. Instead, their fellowship year will help them earn the necessary supervised hours to apply for and take the licensing exam.

Computer and General Skills:
The Postdoctoral Fellow will have basic skills in using word processing programs along with specialized knowledge of computer programs associated with psychological assessments.
The Postdoctoral fellow will possess specialized knowledge in treatment and assessment of people suffering from a range of mental illnesses including trauma, mood disorders, and personality disorders. The fellow will be able to work in multiple modalties (e.g. psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral) and interact with an inter-disciplinary team. Expertise in diagnosing and treating complex trauma presentations is preferred though not mandatory.

Work Environment:
The Postdoctoral Fellow will conduct all their clinical responsibilities at the offices of the World Trade Center Mental Health Program – located either at 345 East 102nd Street, Suite 215 or at 1468 Madison Avenue, 3rd Floor.
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