Job Description

We seek to vigorously train a highly talented diverse group of postdoctoral researchers to integrate basic and translational research in the pharmacology, physiology and neurobiology of drug abuse. This training program will train inter- and trans-disciplinary researchers who can go on to develop independent and collaborative research programs that significantly advance the basic understanding and treatment of this important social and medical problem. This training program encourages participation of faculty mentors whose research grants specifically target drug abuse, as well as those whose research is critically important for the interdisciplinary training we seek to impart; thus offering fellows flexibility in developing truly interdisciplinary research projects between laboratories. The training will have a didactic component to foster quantitative reasoning skills as well as training to understand and maintain awareness of the ethical issues in research. The trainees will be provided with dynamic guidance to develop independent research projects that can serve as the basis to launch successful independent careers in substance abuse research. For more information on the program please visit:

Eligibility: Postdoctoral fellows who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents with suitable research interests.

Please submit with your application:

1. curriculum vitae
2. a statement of research interests
3. thesis title and advisor

Candidates should have PhD degree in neuroscience, neurology,
pharmacology, psychology or related field and a strong interest in drug
addiction research.

Recent PhD recipients are eligible. Members from
under-represented minority groups or persons with a disability are
encouraged to apply.
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