Elmhurst Physician Assistant 0-2 Yrs

Job Description

Under the supervision of a licensed physician, evaluates and treats patients having medical and/or surgical problems. Performs routine history and physical examinations; performs and/or interprets diagnostic tests and/or procedures in conjunction with physicians. Delivers direct patient care.

Duties and Responsibilities:
-Under the supervision of the licensed physician, performs complete patient history and  
  1. physical examinations; orders laboratory tests and X-rays; performs and/or interprets laboratory and test results and initiates treatment; May perform routine or emergency procedures including but not limited to irrigation and suturing of wounds or incisions, drainage of abscesses, insertion of nasogastric tubes and intravenous line, sampling of arterial blood, etc. Writes appropriately authorized prescriptions; may prescribed controlled substance under appropriate physician countersignature.
 -The Line Service (Physician Assistant)’s main function will be to receive consults for central or midline catheters, as well as dialysis catheter for the entire hospital.
    1. Place lines with ultrasound guidance.
    2. Appropriately document procedures.
    3. Check placement on follow up films.
    4. Keep careful log of all cases of Central lines for insertion and timely removal,       as well as complications.
 -Assist with SICU coverage/ rounding, including, writing daily orders and transport of ICU patients to Radiology for testing.
    1. Trainer at Sim Center for Line insertion.  Teach line placement.

-The possibility of assisting in the operating room and bedside with surgical procedures at the discretion of the Director of Service.

-Integral part of overall nosocomial reduction, including CLABSI, CAUTIS and SSI.

-Other related duties include working on Colon Bundle, removal of Foleys and removal of lines on a timely fashion.  Evaluation of line sites, use of VACC machines, Biogram evaluation in conjunction with antibiotic stewardship

-May initiate or participate in initial management and stabilization of patients with multiple trauma or cardiopulmonary arrest under general supervision of the physician in charge under specific emergent circumstances.

-Performs daily patient rounds. Confers with attending physicians, residents, nursing staff, etc., to ensure delivery of optimum quality of patient care. Confers regularly with co-workers to keep them apprised of clinical developments, patient concerns, etc. May participate in special projects as assigned. May prepare QA data for review.

-Performs other duties pursuant to clinical responsibility such as arranging follow-up for patients, recalling patients for further evaluation and treatment, escorting patients when necessary to other areas of the hospital, etc. Informs patients of necessary post-discharged instructions as required. Upon discharge, may note discharge summaries, prescriptions, and referrals on patient charts.

-Completes and documents continuing medical education required of physician assistants in order to meet requirements for certification including assigned lectures and conferences.

-In specific departments, may act as first assistant in operating area as needed. May perform pre-operative and postoperative evaluation and render related medical care as necessary.

-Performs related duties as required professionally or at the request of the supervising physician and/or the Director of Service.

-Completion of NYS approved program for training of physician assistants to acquire knowledge of anatomy, physiology and clinical patient care, usually via Bachelor of Science program/degree in closely related field.

-Registration required with New York State as Physician Assistant.

-Certification with National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants is required.

-Certification may require with American Heart Association or like organization in some areas as providers of Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Basic Life Support (BLS).

-High level of analytical ability required effectively and expeditiously diagnosing and treating medical/surgical problems under the direction of physician.

-High degree of responsibility required for daily contacts with patients and their families.

-Manual dexterity required for adept manipulation of surgical instruments and handling

of medical equipment; physical strength necessary for lifting and proper handling and positioning of patients.

The Mount Sinai Health System is an equal opportunity employer. We promote recognition and respect for individual and cultural differences, and we work to make our employees feel valued and appreciated, whatever their race, gender, background, or sexual orientation.
EOE Minorities/Women/Disabled/Veterans

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