Job Description

Job Description

The role will require the design and synthesis of novel medicinal compounds for testing in in vitro and in vivo assays that support the basic biology and drug discovery research efforts.

Essential Skills
Organic chemistry in the area of heterocyclic chemistry and organic synthesis; purification and analysis of reaction products; methodology development; design of novel analogs; design and testing of synthetic routes to desired, novel compounds.

Duties and Responsibilities
Preparation, purification and characterization of compounds; documentation of all experiments in notebooks including written, publication quality, experimental procedures. Operation and maintenance of laboratory instruments - HPLC and LC-MS for example.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Capabilities
Earned doctorate in organic chemistry with specific experience in heterocyclic and organometallic chemistry; demonstrated experience in the synthesis, purification, and analysis of complex organic molecules; experience with new method development, rapid analog and library synthesis techniques; multi-step synthetic processes and larger, multi-gram reaction scale-up. Microwave assisted synthesis. Excellent reaction trouble shooting skills. Characterization of new molecules by NMR and MS. Excellent English written and oral communication skills. Experience with the safe handling of reactive and air-sensitive materials.

Opportunities for professional development
The position will allow the candidate to develop valuable new skills and experience in early drug discovery and chemical biology in a highly collaborative research environment.
These include:
Collaborate to validate novel biological targets
Chemical and biological tool synthesis and development
High throughput screening hit validation and analysis
Hit and Lead identification
Lead optimization and pre-clinical candidate selection
Analysis of in vitro and in vivo activity of compounds (pharmacodynamics)
Optimize physical-chemical properties of drug molecules
Study Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion (ADME) properties
Evaluate drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) in preclinical species
External collaboration and public presentation skills

Salary commensurate with experience and grant status

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