Oracle Cloud Reporting Analyst

Job Description

Oracle Cloud Reporting Analyst


The Human Resources Business Analyst provides advanced analytical and project management support, utilizing a wide range of state of the art performance improvement methodologies across all administrative and operational functions. Makes recommendations, prepares, reviews, and analyzes data from business and organizational systems to assist management in operating efficiently and effectively. Has experience and knowledge of Oracle Cloud HCM data models and reporting tools: OTBI, BI publisher and Oracle Analytics

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Prepares, reconciles and analyzes basic to moderately complex information; performs special studies as required. Provides accurate information to management for review, analysis and decision making.
2. Analyzes and build data models compatible with Oracle Cloud.

3. Has good working knowledge of SQL

4. Creates reports and dashboard to simplify and communicate organizational and financial objectives. Prepares forecasting models to assist in high-level decision making.

5. Documents findings of studies and prepares recommendations for implementation of new systems, procedures or organizational changes.

6. Develops and supports data models to be implemented in business processes

7. Prepares monthly or quarterly reports and presentations as required.

8. Automates data delivery to end users

9. Updates monthly metrics and reports trends.

10. Documents current operations and provides recommendations on new procedures and methods for management.

11. Prepares documents and diagrams to illustrate and describe operations, and presents findings and recommendations.

12. Monitors project timelines and budgets.

13. Performs other duties as required.


Bachelors’ degree in required, Statistics Degree preferred.


·         A minimum of one to three years’ experience as a Business Analyst preferably in HR or other related field.

·         Expert level in Excel 

·         Experience with reporting tools, Oracle OTBI, BI Publisher, Oracle Analytics

·         Experience with SQL

·         Programming experience a plus:  Preferably Python






SQL                            Proficient

Excel                          Expert

Writing                        Proficient

Leading discussion Proficient

Strategic thinking     Proficient

Documentation        Proficient

Ticketing                    Proficient

Machine learning     Optional

Programming            Optional

HR Business            Proficient





Agile:                          Proficient

Time management: Expert

Service oriented:      Proficient

Leader:                      Optional

Communicator:         Expert








Data Management

Data visualization

Provide level of detail and expressive charts/tables for use by business leadership to make decisions

Data Management

Metric definitions

Development of key performance indicators and metrics for use in monitoring the business operations

Data Management

Statistical analysis

Capable of completing and interpreting results of multiple statistical analyses

Data Management

Process mapping

Demonstrate understanding and interdependent relationships, identify areas for improvement and efficiency

Data Management

Data modeling

Create concise data structures with understanding of relations between

Project Management


Create and update doucmentation

Project Management


Creates, maintains and uses tickets to track work

Industry Skills

HR Generalist knowledge

Able to triage projects/analyses and identify the right areas from which to gather information or provide direction


Strong decision making ability

Utilize all available information, making assumptions where necessary, to make decisions on data presentation/calculations


Strong presentation skill

Ability to provide concise data/information which tells a story and able to answer questions regarding presentation topic(s)


Sound judgment

Knowledge of purpose and project(s) with the ability to make decisions within the framework of the project/business s goals



Provide concise and accurate communications (written & verbal) to stakeholders, leadership, users and others

People Management

Develop client relationships with business to understand needs for HR

Partner with business areas and be recognized as a valued subject matter expert

People Management

Gain trust from stakeholders and influence decisions

Provide successful outcomes to projects and analyses by leveraging trust

Personal Organization

Ability to work independently

Provide feedback on work to supervisor and make decisions on items within purview

Personal Organization


Open to new ideas/projects/opportunities and adjust to meet the changing needs; able to jump on board with almost any project

Personal Organization

Fast learner

Ability to pick up new skills quickly and utilize programs or other

Personal Attitude


Does not wait until tasks are given but take active role in progression of projects

Personal Attitude


Evaluates requests.   Takes appropriate action.   Courteous in responses

Personal Attitude


Is able to change course when circumstance require it.

Project Management

Project Planning

Development of comprehensive plans which detail interconnected and dependent components for projects/implementations

Project Management

Task shepherding

Provide direction for maintaining tight/aggressive timelines


Understand interdependencies

Align resources for various projects and create plans that pull in the right stakeholders at the right time.

Team Building


Convey knowledge and skills to other members of the team, building upon previous base; enhancing overall skill set of team

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