Mount Sinai Careers


New York, New York

Job Description

Responsible for the oversight of nursing operations throughout a care center. This includes, but is not limited to, staffing, recruitment, labor relations, clinical nurse practice, supply chain and budget management, education, employee performance evaluation and management, quality improvement, medical records, internal and external regulatory and survey requirements. Serves as a liaison among multiple stakeholders, including administration, physicians, patients, families, nursing staff, therapy staff social workers, case managers, support staff and other members of the organization. Ensures the program meets the highest standards of patient care, is responsible to the needs of the organization and is financially responsible.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Direct the Clinical performance of the applicable services and patient populations served.
2. Oversee quality improvement and performance improvement initiatives, with detail on nurse sensitive indicators and core measures success within the MSMC.
3. Facilitates interdisciplinary rounds to ensure compliance with the patient management plan and the appropriate length of stay for each patient.
4. Maintains, review, and updates all specialty policies in accordance with the hospital standards, and regulatory and professional standards.
5. Benchmark patient and staff satisfaction and provide strategies that are outcome based for quality care.
6. Assesses patient care needs and monitors patient satisfaction. Addresses and resolves patient complaints in a timely manner. Sees complaints as an opportunity to reassess and improve processes as well as an opportunity for staff education and development. Works to cultivate expectations of individual staff accountability.
7. Perform all aspects of the role within an interdisciplinary, team-building manner, optimizing customer services at every opportunity.
8. Closely supervises and communicates with subordinate administrators to ensure high standards of nursing prevail across all shifts, ensuring optimum care and satisfaction on a continual basis.
9. Encourages and facilitates professional growth and development of staff. Facilitates flow of information from other departments to staff. Coordinates education programs for staff. Evaluates staff performance on an ongoing basis and completes staff performance appraisals in a timely manner. Provides recognition of exemplary employee performance and provides employee counseling as necessary.
10. Participates in pilot studies of new products and research projects.
11. Supports nursing education and preceptorships, providing an optimal learning environment. Ensures staff are afforded opportunities for professional growth and development that support both new and existing programs of care.
12. Direct fiscal management of human resources, supplies and capital expenses.
13. Prepares and monitors salary, operational, and capital budget. Monitors use of unit supplies and equipment. Reviews non-productive time for each employee.
14. Understands and supports all financial aspects of the program, including revenue cycle, and supply chain.
15. Direct bed management and patient access activities within the clinical specialty.
16. Participates fully in all JCAHO/CARF/DOH survey activity, remaining knowledgeable about changes in standards and updating practices to reflect those changes.
17. Demonstrate personal and professional development at an executive level.
18. Provide an accurate understanding and application of Labor Relations principles within the management of staff.
19. Remains current in legislative, regulatory, and clinical practice issues as they relate to both nursing and to the transplant program.