Job Description

The postdoctoral fellow will focus her research on identifying and characterizing novel pathways linking the gastrointestinal tract to the brain. The project will concentrate on determining the circuit mechanisms via which enteric and vagal sensory cells in stomach and duodenum influence the brainstem neurons that regulate weight gain and appetite. The work will involve primarily a combination of molecular tracing, optogenetics and in vitro/in vivo electrophysiological methods. The overall aim is to advance our understanding of how the gut regulates motivated behavior and feeding. Scientific Skills including:
In vivo and In vitro electrophysiological recordings; Construction of tetrode arrays; EEG and EMG recordings; In vivo miniscope Imaging Recordings; Optogenetics: Virus injections and optogenetic-based electrophysiological recordings; Immunohistochemistry; Immunocytochemistry; Immunofluorescence; Confocal microscopy.

Postdoctoral Fellow for Dr. Ivan de Araujo’s lab – Dinghong Zhang, PhD

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