Job Description

The senior post-doctoral fellow will be engaged in basic and translational research projects focus on 1) investigate the underlying mechanism of the skeletal defects associated with Gaucher Disease, a lysosomal storage disorder caused by GBA1 gene mutations, 2) study how smoke toxins cause bone loss. 3) study of underlying mechanism of FSH antibody-induced reduction of adiposity and bone.
The Zaidi Lab is NIH funded, and part of the Division of Endocrinology, Bone program at Mount Sinai. We use genetically engineered mouse models (GEMMs) in which the fat or bone-related genes are selectively deleted in the adipose cells or osteoclast or osteoblast. We aim to investigate their effect on fat cell and bone cells by cell phenotyping, in-vitro or in ex vivo differentiation and function assays; The fellow will be using histomorphometry, micro-CT, and Quantitative NMR techniques to investigate the how the FSH antibody works on adipose and bone.
The post-doctoral fellow should have experience in use of genetically engineered mouse models, micro-CT RNA-seq techniques and date analysis, primary cell and cell line culture. Additionally, the post-doctoral fellow should be keen to learn, be highly motivated, work well with others and immerse himself/herself in the ongoing research of the laboratory. He/she should have a molecular biology and bone biology background.
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