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New York, New York

Job Description

A postdoctoral scientist position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Sarah Stanley, at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City. The postdoc will work on an NIH funded project to investigate neural regulation of pancreatic function. The postdoctoral scientist will work to develop new methods to regulate neural activity and assess their effectiveness in vitro and in vivo. Primary responsibilities will include planning and executing studies to assess tools for vector delivery in vivo; developing and applying methods to assess neural activity ex vivo; modifying tools for neural modulation to be applied to the peripheral nervous system; assessment of the effects of neural modulation ex vivo and in vivo and, with training, implement data management and sharing for the project. Laboratory:
• Plan and execute studies to assess the efficiency of a range of vectors for construct delivery to peripheral nerves
• Immunohistochemistry and image analysis
• Adapting and applying methods to assess neural activity ex vivo such as calcium imaging and electrophysiology
• Applying molecular biology tools to modify and generate neuromodulatory constructs
• Work with other team members to manage animal colony.

Data management:
• After training, responsible for data management and sharing for the project.
• Working with other team members to maintain and update data storage.

• Participate in internal and external project meetings and conferences related to project.
• Work with team members to ensure protocols and resources are generated, shared and updated in a timely fashion.

Key competencies

• Knowledge of scientific literature in areas related to project
• Ability to generate ideas and think creatively
• Ability to function independently after training
• Highly motivated

• Ability to organize and prioritize work under pressure to meet deadlines
• Ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously
• Maintain detailed lab records and protocols

• Strong interpersonal skills
• Ability to communicate effectively in written and verbal form
• Skill in delivering presentations to small and large groups

• Ability to work in a team
• Ability to provide training and support for other lab members and visitors

Knowledge requirements
PhD in neuroscience, bioengineering, biochemistry or relevant field.
Experience in molecular biology or electrophysiology is a plus.

Interested candidates should send an updated curriculum vitae, together with the names and contact information of three referees and a description of their work interests and future goals to