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New York, New York

Job Description

A Postdoctoral position is available within the lab of Dr. Sasha Gnjatic at the Tisch Cancer Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine of Mount Sinai. The lab focuses on tumor immunology, and more particularly in defining antigen-specific immune responses to cancer (cancer/testis, neoantigens), defining immune suppressive mechanisms, developing new technologies, and assessing the immune microenvironment of tumors in patients.

The candidate will have an opportunity to contribute to and shape several ongoing projects within the lab.

1.Conduct and design experiments under the direction of lab PI.
2.Report to PI research progress and maintain a current knowledge of literature in relevant fields.
3.Maintain good records and contact with collaborators.
4.Nurture collaborative relationships with fellow scientists within the institution, locally, nationally and internationally.
5.Summarize experimental data timely and assist in drafting publications under the direction of the PI.
6.Master computer and technical skills necessary for experimental execution as well as data input and analysis.
7.Performs other related duties as assigned. Qualifications:
•A Ph.D. in molecular or cellular biology, biochemistry, genetics, or immunology.
•Previous experience in immunological methods such as cell culture, flow cytometry, ELISPOT assays, ELISA, as well as basic molecular and cellular biology methods including DNA and RNA isolation, siRNA methods, construct engineering.
•Previous experience with biochemistry techniques including Western blots and immuno-precipitations among others.
•Expertise in code writing and/or bioinformatics will be weighed as a plus.
•The candidate is also expected to be self-motivated, creative and capable of contributing productively in a team environment.
•Excellent communication skills in written and oral English are essential.