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Senior Genetic Couselor, Personalized Medicine Institute

New York, New York

Job Description

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Roles & Responsibilities:

The Senior Genetics Counselor will consult and coordinates patients’ clinical genetic services including genetic counseling and coordination of genetic testing. Adept at eliciting and recording targeted family history and detailed medical history information, genetic test results interpretation, risk assessment and conveying scientific and technical concepts in a manner understandable to patients and make referral(s) to other services as necessary. May assist in the coordination of research efforts; maintain IRB and regulatory compliance, coordinate study subject visits to ensure protocol compliance and maintain study databases.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Provide subject matter expertise about genetic testing and counseling services to patients who have cancer or are pregnant/planning to become pregnant regarding the following issues: teratogen exposures, abnormal ultrasound findings, abnormal blood test results, positive carrier status, advanced maternal/paternal age, personal pregnancy, and or/or family history of a complex trait, single gene disorder, or chromosome abnormality, multi-fetal pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, non-invasive and invasive prenatal testing options, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, sperm and ovum donation, etc.
  • Constructs and analyzes patient’s family history including genetic diseases/birth defects and all relevant medical issues. Assesses and interprets the risk for occurrence/recurrence of genetic conditions in the family and discusses such information with the clinical team.
  • Ensures that all assessments are done in clinically accurate and well documented manner.
  • Counsels and educates patients on the nature of the condition(s) in question, including the contribution of heredity after discussion with the clinical geneticist. Ensures that education of patient is thorough.
  • Ensures that genetic counseling services are well coordinated for the provision of thorough, timely, high quality patient care.
  • Under the direction of the Executive Director/Managing Director, work on the development of new genetic services and research programs. Ensures that new programs are developed in a thorough manner and that all aspects of the programs are well coordinated.
  • Clinic Coordinator for weekly general genetics clinic. Responsibility include the appropriate scheduling of clinic patients, confirmation of appointments, gathering necessary medical records, researching laboratories for targeted genetic testing, shipping and tracking patient specimens, contacting physicians and patients with test results, patient advocacy, facilitating communication between patients/families and the geneticist/fellows, and arranging follow-up consultations as indicated.
  • Primary Clinical Supervisor for masters level genetic counseling students during their clinical rotations. Trains genetic counseling interns/trainees in cancer genetics/risk assessment and cancer genetic counseling.
  • Write chart notes, patient summary letters and/or physician consultation letters. Ensure that educational material is thorough and accurate.
  • Determine whether or not an appropriate referral has been made and ensure that patients are seen as quickly as possible by an appropriate genetic counselor/physician as indicated.
  • Coordinate specimen retrieval, shipping, tracking and billing of prenatal specimens shipped too our institution for diagnostic testing (i.e. prenatal testing for Tay Sachs disease, cystic fibrosis, Gaucher disease, etc.). Report and interpret test results for physicians and their patients.
  • Field numerous daily telephone calls from physicians who are seeking guidance about the appropriate management of their patients. Issues that are commonly addressed: interpretation of carrier test results, issues of concern that were identified in pregnancy, medical and/or family histories, the availability of carrier and/or diagnostic testing options, whether or not genetic counseling/testing is medically indicated, and basic information about rare and common genetic/chromose disorders.
  • Facilitate communication between our diagnostic laboratories (cytogenetic, molecular, and biochemical) and referring doctors. Duties include providing patients and physicians with normal, inclusive and/or abnormal test results, recommending and arranging for appropriate follow-up testing and/or counseling, clarifying specimen requirements, and relaying billing information. This applies to patients who have been seen by our clinical staff and patients who have yet to be referred tour institution.
  • Performs other related duties.
  • Master's degree in Genetic Counseling
  • 3-5 years of genetic counseling experience
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