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Job Description


Mount Sinai is accelerating a transition to a business and operating model oriented towards the changing demands of the healthcare industry. Success in this new model will require, among other things, an expanded focus on the consumer. Traditionally, the focus of consumer engagement was limited to their role as patients and associated primarily with the services rendered in our hospitals and physician offices. In the new model, Mount Sinai will need to engage consumers, their families and caregivers, throughout their entire health care life cycle, i.e. when they shop for and buy health care, when they are trying to stay well and need help, in addition to when they need care. Beyond the hospital and the doctor’s office, we will engage them at home, at work and in the community. We must engage with them when and how they want to be engaged. This will require Mount Sinai to “productize” these points of engagement with consumers. It will require new leaders with core competencies in the areas of big data, behavioral economics, person-centered design, and rapid iteration development that are more frequently and effectively practiced outside of the health care industry.


To drive this expanded focus on the consumer, the Mount Sinai Health System is launching a new Consumer Digital Solutions team. The Senior Product Owner, Consumer Digital Solutions will lead efforts to conceive, design, develop, and commercialize product concepts that will dramatically improve the healthcare consumer experience. S/he will partner with clinical, operational, and sales leads within the Health System to develop integrated consumer-facing digital solutions that can be tested in the context of specific innovative clinical initiatives and subsequently scaled across the enterprise and potentially “spun out” and commercialized with other healthcare systems. This will include a focus on building and developing innovative consumer solutions that solve system-wide pain points and address unmet needs of patients and/or healthcare practitioners. The Senior Product Owner will maintain end-to-end accountability for product development, design, and engineering for those solutions in her purview.


The Senior Product Owner will be able to customize a structured and logical approach to direct a small team of product analysts to perform the following components of the product life cycle:

Current State Discovery: Design and lead a structured process to benchmark the current state of consumer experience at Mount Sinai to that of other health systems nationally as well as other non-healthcare, consumer-facing brands.  This includes leading an internal discovery process to fully understand how consumers currently gain awareness of Mount Sinai, access ambulatory/inpatient care at the system, navigate the system, and pay their bills. It also includes designing and building an external market intelligence function to identify how leading brands are managing their consumer experience.

Concept Generation: Lead development of a short/medium/long term roadmap that will identify key innovation concepts for testing and eventually deploying across the system.  Senior Product Owner will lead a battery of user group testing sessions to validate the concepts with consumers and other stakeholders and will present these concepts to all levels of managers at Mount Sinai to gain alignment.

Product Analysis: Lead product and technical analysts to derive changes required to achieve minimally viable product and ultimate end state, refining the innovation roadmap to articulate product features within each product milestone and to be sensitive to cost, effort, and business risk.

Business Case Development: Develop business cases that identify current/future state consumer experience, expected quantitative and qualitative benefits, required investments, and build/buy/partner execution plan.

Product Execution: For concepts that will be developed via a partnership, lead a thorough market landscape review to identify and compare prospective partners, gain enterprise level buy-in to preferred partner, and help lead diligence and negotiation of partnership. For all concepts, Senior Product owner will oversee development and plan deployment, which will include defining key performance indicators (e.g. NPS scores, cost/revenue metrics, etc), assessing risks throughout the development lifecycle, planning deployment strategy, and managing project budget and timeline.

Product Governance: Manage monthly Product Governance Committee Meetings including development of key materials and alignment with executive leaders and their teams.

Talent Development: Working with other leaders on team, identify, recruit, and train talent for both the Product and Engineering teams.

Strategic Planning: Working with other leaders on team, develop and manage the team’s annual operating budget and assess financial asks for subsequent years to ensure adequate funding to manage the team’s long term product goals.


Qualified candidates will exhibit the following key qualifications and experience:

Product Professional: 10-15 years of experience in a product or engineering role at a consumer product or healthcare technology company and/or in an external role at a management consulting firm serving the health system or payer community

Strategic Mindset: Excellent problem solving skills that supports logical hypotheses with strong quantitative and qualitative evidence.  Proven ability to derive a strategy that is sensitive to consumer, enterprise, clinical, financial, operational, and legal constraints.

Excellent Communicator: Strong written and spoken communication skills with ability to educate and persuade audience in an efficient and compelling manner.  Demonstrated experience persuading audiences from multiple disciplines and of varying seniority in a highly matrixed organization, ranging from executive leaders at the health systems to functional VPs over key administrative functions to physician leadership within key service lines.

Collaborative Leader: Ability to work collaboratively with internal and external constituents to define improvements to the consumer’s healthcare experience

Healthcare and Consumer Acumen: Strong understanding of the healthcare value chain, health system business and clinical processes, and/or best practices in consumer digital experience.

Mission Driven: Passion for improving healthcare delivery and consumer experience, particularly via deployment of digital assets

Entrepreneurial Heritage: Entrepreneurial spirit with desire to quickly develop product concepts with focus on continuous improvement and long term career goals to run a startup company focused on dramatically improving US healthcare

Excellent Foundational Skills: Proficient mastery of key MS Office applications (including Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Access) and strong understanding of modern application development assets and the agile development lifecycle