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Chief Technology Officer and Head of Application Engineering

New York, New York
Professional / Managerial / Administrative

Job Description

ROLE: Chief Technology Officer and Head of Application Engineering


Mount Sinai is accelerating a transition to a business and operating model oriented towards the changing demands of the healthcare industry. Success in this new model will require, among other things, an expanded focus on the consumer. Traditionally, the focus of consumer engagement was limited to their role as patients and associated primarily with the services rendered in our hospitals and physician offices. In the new model, Mount Sinai will need to engage consumers, their families and caregivers, throughout their entire health care life cycle, i.e. when they shop for and buy health care, when they are trying to stay well and need help, in addition to when they need care. Beyond the hospital and the doctor’s office, we will engage them at home, at work and in the community. We must engage with them when and how they want to be engaged. This will require Mount Sinai to “productize” these points of engagement with consumers. It will require new leaders with core competencies in the areas of big data, behavioral economics, person-centered design, and rapid iteration development that are more frequently and effectively practiced outside of the health care industry.


To drive this expanded focus on the consumer, the Mount Sinai Health System is launching a new Consumer Digital Solutions team. The CTO and Head of Engineering will lead efforts to validate, architect, develop, and deploy product concepts that dramatically improve the healthcare consumer experience. S/he will partner with a product management team as well as clinical, operational, and sales leads within the Health System to develop integrated consumer-facing digital solutions that can be tested in the context of specific clinical initiatives and subsequently scaled across the enterprise and potentially “spun out” and commercialized with other healthcare systems. This will include a focus on building and developing innovative consumer solutions that solve system-wide pain points and address unmet needs of patients and/or healthcare practitioners.


The Head of Engineering will maintain end-to-end accountability for the excellence of the solutions that the team commercializes.  S(he) will lead an 8 person team that will be accountable for the quality of the architecture, design, development, and deployment of those solutions.  In particular, the Head of Engineering shall develop an approach and lead a team to achieve the following key responsibilities:

Product Strategy: Participate in the agile product management lifecycle as the most senior technical leader on the team.  Help lead process to identify current points of dissatisfaction from a consumer and health system perspective, key drivers of the underlying process, and potential concepts to address.  Segment potential consumer digital innovations across multiple dimensions, including technical feasibility, cost, operational disruption, and most importantly value to the consumer.  Maintain an active understanding of existing digital assets in use across the health system, including deployment status, application roadmap, and key dependencies and limitations.  Ultimately, define the highest value approach to transform each consumer concept, rationalize concepts into a product roadmap, and oversee all actions required to convert concept to commercial-ready solution.

Architecture: Define the core technical architecture for the products that the team builds and/or review and approve architecture in place at partners with which the team contract.  In both cases, ensure that architecture enables products to exhibit high standards in terms of scalability, extensibility, configurability, reliability, and usability.

Business Case Development: Contribute to and validate business cases that identify current/future state consumer experience, expected quantitative and qualitative benefits, required investments, and build/buy/partner execution plan.  Provide key data inputs including estimates around costs to build, deploy, and maintain solutions.

Product Design: Lead user experience design and development resources to develop front-end user experience that meets core goals defined by business.  Model conceptual and technical multi-tier architecture and validate use case requirements developed by product staff to ensure requirements are both logical and unambiguous.

Product Development: For concepts that will be developed in-house, lead end-to-end software development life cycle leveraging an agile approach. For concepts that team will develop via partnership, conduct core technical and operational diligence or partner and serve as main point of contact to partner’s technical leadership.  For all concepts, oversee agile development process leading weekly scrum process and engaging with all internal and external constituents to ensure product meets core requirements.  Oversee project budget and timeline and anticipate, mitigate, and communicate risks to all levels of the organization.

Product Governance: Present at monthly Product Governance Committee Meetings including development of key materials and alignment with executive leaders and their teams.

Talent Development: Identify, hire, and train technical talent and serve as an inspirational leader that promotes and rewards a spirit of entrepreneurism, creativity, collaboration, and excellence.

Strategic Planning: Working with other leaders on team, develop and manage the team’s annual operating budget and assess financial asks for subsequent years to ensure adequate funding to manage the team’s long term product goals.


Qualified candidates will exhibit the following key qualifications and experience:

Engineering Professional: 15+ years of experience in an engineering role at a consumer product or healthcare technology company with increasing levels of accountability and increasing depth and breadth of knowledge around software development platforms and methodologies.  Bachelor Degree focused in Computer Science of Electrical Engineering required and advanced degree in engineering or management highly desired.

Collaborative Leader: Ability to work collaboratively with internal and external constituents to define improvements to the consumer’s healthcare experience.  Ability to build and retain top-tier engineering talent and promote an entrepreneurial culture focused on meritocracy, intelligent risk-taking, and rapid innovation

Excellent Communicator: Strong written and spoken communication skills with ability to educate and persuade audience in an efficient and compelling manner.  Demonstrated experience persuading audiences from multiple disciplines and of varying seniority in a highly matrixed organization, ranging from executive leaders at the health systems to functional VPs over key IT functions to physician leadership within key service lines.

Technical Acumen: Strong foundational engineering skills and demonstrated ability to maintain an active mastery over the newest development platforms, methodologies, and architectures through self-directed research and education.  At a minimum, the idea candidate will exhibit the majority of the following technical competencies:

  • Fluent in at least one strongly typed programming language (Java, C#, Go, Scala, etc)
  • Fluent in at least one scripting language (Ruby, Python, Node.js, Elixir, etc)
  • Database systems - SQL (MySQL or Postgres) and NoSQL based (Mongo, Dynamo/DataStore, etc)
  • Caching low-latency systems - Redis, Cassandra, or Memcache
  • Queuing systems - Pub/Sub, Kafka, Kinesis, or RabbitMQ/SQS
  • Web frameworks - Rails, Django, Phoenix, Express/Koa, Beego/Gin
  • Security & Compliance - Encryption, SSL/TLS, SSO, OAuth, HIPAA and HITECH knowledge, Authorization/ACL designs
  • Data Pipelines  - Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark/Scala, Beam, or other distributed processing frameworks and datamart stores (RedShift/BigQuery) and search stores (ElasticSearch)
  • Machine Learning - Knowledgeable in frameworks and ways of iteratively evolving models and strategies using scikit, MLLib, TensorFlow, AutoML and common algorithms
  • Cloud Infrastructure - AWS or Google Cloud experience and deployments using Docker/Kubernetes

Healthcare and Consumer Acumen: Strong understanding of the healthcare value chain, health system business and clinical processes, and/or best practices in consumer digital experience.

Mission Driven: Passion for improving healthcare delivery and consumer experience, particularly via deployment of digital assets

Entrepreneurial Heritage: Entrepreneurial spirit with desire to quickly develop product concepts with focus on continuous improvement and long term career goals to run a startup company focused on dramatically improving US healthcare