Mount Sinai Careers

Population Health Clinical Coordinator- Mount Sinai Health Partners

New York, New York
Professional / Managerial / Administrative

Job Description


Mount Sinai is one of the largest non-profit health systems in the U.S. with a strong reputation for quality of care (18th ranked academic medical center) and research/education (22nd ranked medical school). Our health system has ~40,000 employees working together to provide billions of dollars in high-quality care for millions of patients each year.


We are accelerating a transition to a business model focused on population health management – our goal is to keep entire communities healthy and out of the hospital.  Mount Sinai Health Partners (MSHP) is the team driving this transformation within Mount Sinai.  The team includes 400+ employees with clinical, contracting, finance, IT, analytics, operations, and product development expertise. 


MSHP is a fast growing business unit within Mount Sinai and is looking for team members who:


·         Are comfortable “playing up” and “playing down” as needed to accomplish business objectives

·         Work productively amidst ambiguity

·         Thrive in fast-paced  work environments

·         Seek to improve the status quo 


Role Summary


MSHP seeks a Population Health Clinical Coordinator to assess patient care in the Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), monitor patient outcomes and the appropriate/timely discharges back to the community. Responsible to review and evaluate PAC services provided to MSHP population.  The Population Health Clinical Coordinator reports to a Nurse Clinical Manager.





Responsible for reviewing and evaluating post-acute care services provided to MSHP population

·         Identify on a daily basis, MSHP lives that are being serviced in SNFs

·         Conduct patient reviews, assess the plan of care and reinforce the goal LOS

·         Address and discuss potential discharge needs and barriers

·         Assure SNF providers are implementing care pathways and best practice


Responsible for reinforcing quality and evidence based care in an effort to reduce cost, optimize therapeutic outcomes and improve quality of life for MSHP patients

·         Actively participates in clinical rounds, reviewing care plans with care providers

·         Identifies progress toward desired outcomes and intervenes to overcome deviation in expected plan of care

·         Generates quality improvement results

·         Refers cases with quality care concerns to the Senior Director of the Care Continuum



Responsible for identifying potentially unnecessary services and care delivery settings, and recommends alternatives if appropriate, by analyzing clinical protocols

·         Functions as liaison between MSHP and the SNF

·         Actively participates in discharge planning

·         Focuses on inappropriate utilization of services while ensuring appropriate care is provided


Responsible for the process of monitoring and evaluating the services and resources provided in response to a patient’s needs

·         Oversees data collection process

·         Reviews utilization patterns; identifies trends and problems







Education and Experience

  • RN or PT licensure required
  • BS degree preferred
  • Two years of experience in Utilization Management
  • Two years of experience in home care
  • Excellent relationship management skill and non-aggressive assertiveness
  • Ability to problem solve
  • Computer literacy- Word, Excel, Power Point

Additional Skills and Qualities

  • Subject matter expertise?
  • Functional skills?