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New York, New York

Job Description

The Ochando laboratory investigates the origin, development, and immune function of macrophages in the context of organ transplantation. His laboratory has recently discovered that trained immunity represents a previously unrecognized pathway that mediates allograft rejection. To prevent the detrimental effects of trained macrophages, the Ochando laboratory developed a novel revolutionary targeted therapeutic delivery approach in which drug-loaded nanobiologics that specifically target macrophages in vivo and induce long-term allograft acceptance.
Dr. Ochando is requesting a post-doctoral scientist, with responsibilities that include:
• developing nanoparticles for cancer and transplantation studies
• planning and conducting experiments
• generating and d analyzing data
• presenting results to senior/other research staff
• writing research papers, reports, reviews and summaries
• preparing research proposals and funding applications
• supervising junior staff including technicians
• keeping up to date with relevant scientific and technical developments
• attending national and international conferences