Job Description


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Job Description

The Icahn Institute for Genomics & Multiscale Biology is looking for talented postdoc fellows with the responsibilities and qualifications listed below.

About Icahn Institute:

At the Icahn Institute, our vision is to transform biomedical research and healthcare delivery into a data-driven, evidence-based, patient-tailored discipline. The Icahn Institute was founded in 2011 to help advance precision medicine with cutting-edge technologies, novel partnerships between the public and private sectors, and world class computational and analytical resources. By maximally leveraging information from patients around the world, we deliver premier precision care optimized for each patient, while discovering breakthrough, next-generation treatments through insights derived from cutting-edge analytics applied to unprecedented amounts of patient-derived data. We promote a core set of values – designed to promote our future vision of team-oriented, data driven global biomedical research: 1) Do good for the patient, 2) Simplify, 3) Share openly, 4) Focus, 5) Synergize, 6) Contributions, not politics, and 7) Deliver.   

What You’ll Do:

Postdoc fellows may work on many of the cutting-edge research areas at Mount Sinai, including:

·       Analyzing high dimensional molecular profiles including but not constraint to DNA/RNA sequencing, epigenetic, proteomics, and microbiome data;  

·       Analyzing massive electronic medical record data; 

·       Analyzing irregular time course data from mobile health studies;

·       Scalable machine-learning/deep-learning methodology research with application to biomedical data.

·       Mediation and causal-inference methodology research with application to medical/clinical-trial studies.  

The ideal candidate will have strong analytical and programming proficiencies and proven expertise in high-dimensional data analysis.

Duties and Responsibilities:

             Develop and use computational techniques to analyze large-scale biomedical datasets.

            Develop and implement proper statistical/computational models;

            Develop and implement proper data visualization tools;

            Perform rigorous and reproducible data analyses;

            Identify and resolve technical issues and propose upgrades to current software;

             Take the lead in manuscripts preparation and facilitate grant writing;

             Collaborate with researches from other disciplines;

             Participate scientific conferences and present research works;

             Other technical and leadership duties as assigned and commensurate with experience and skills


What You’ll Bring:

·       Ph.D. in Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Statistics, Computational Biology, or other relevant quantitative discipline.

·       Good organization and communication skills, with demonstrated ability to productively work as a member of a team.

·       Demonstrate outstanding scientific writing skills and experience.

·       Experience in data science, machine learning, statistical modeling, genomic analysis, or other relevant analytical field

·       Experience in programming environments such as R, Matlab, SAS, Stata, Python/Jupyter

·       Working experience with genetics or statistics analysis and online resources or other biomedical data analysis is a plus


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