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Senior Morgue Attendant - Pathology - Full Time Variable

New York, New York
Allied Health

Job Description

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Roles & Responsibilities:

Receives bodies into the morgue with documents (Deceased patient order, Death Note, etc.) and creates unique powerpath identifier for each death (BDyear-xxx). Clarifies and documents autopsy status with release notification sheets RED (DO NOT RELEASE) or GREEN (OK to Release) in clear plastic sleeves on the front of each cooler. Releases bodies to the funeral directors once the autopsy status is cleared (OK to Release) and all paperwork is collected and properly completed. Scans all completed paperwork into powerpath and completes data entry. Assists pathologists in the performance of autopsies. Properly stores and disposes of tissues. Maintains records. Performs housekeeping duties within the morgue areas.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. 1. Checks Autopsy Status of all cases prior to release. Places release notification sheets into clear plastic sleeves on the front of each morgue drawer indicating “OK to release” if autopsy is declined or completed and “DO NOT RELEASE” if autopsy is pending or uncertain/undecided. If an autopsy status is uncertain or undecided, evaluates the electronic health record (EPIC) for records to ascertain the status and communicates with Decedent Affairs to expedite clarification of autopsy status.
2. 2. Reviews EPIC data and necessary papers for any cases to be autopsied, verifies accuracy of permission, notifies the pathologist-on-call, transports the remains to the autopsy room, and releases remains upon completion of the autopsy and upon receipt of proper documentation.
3. 3. Generates a BD powerpath case number for each death in the hospital to track it till its release. Completes required fields in BD case. Adds notes to BD case related to issues that might arise, including the associated date and time of relevant information. Scans all paperwork into the BD powerpath case, including Deceased Patient Orders, Autopsy consent, release notification sheets (with relevant notes regarding communications with Next-of-kin), and funeral home affidavits.
4. 4. Handles papers connected with the processing of a death and the release of the remains, including, but not limited to, the Deceased Patient Order (Death note), Death Certificate, Autopsy Consent, Funeral Director’s release, OCME City Burial forms, and Anatomic Gift forms.
5. 5. Issues daily Morgue inventory electronic (email) reports to Decedent Affairs and communicates any change in autopsy status with them.
6. 6. Maintains all instruments in good condition, prepares instruments and tables for autopsies and gross review, cleans instruments and disinfects, using appropriate techniques as directed.
7. 7. Assists pathology staff in the performance of the autopsy as directed. May assist in such procedures as initial incision, evisceration, and removal of brain – always under the direction of and in the presence of the pathologist.
8. 8. Upon completion of the autopsy, packs, sutures, washes and wraps remains for transport to the holding area and subsequent release.
9. 9. Assures the proper identification of all containers, tissues, etc. Stores and retrieves such containers and specimens and, as directed, disposes of the same.
10. 10. Keeps all required records and log books in a neat, legible and accurate manner.
11. 11. Bags, stores, and records tissue for long term storage. Incinerates tissue as directed.
12. 12. Maintains the autopsy room, holding area and preparation areas in clean and safe condition. Properly uses correct cleaning materials and disinfectants.
13. 13. Assists in the handling of anatomical material used in Medical School laboratories, including the receipt and disposition of cadavers.
14. 14. Prepares formalin solution and other chemical solutions as required.
15. 15. Maintains gross dissecting areas for Pathology.
16. 16. May assist in photographing specimens and in the accurate labeling of images.
17. 17. Functions as liaison between pathology staff, funeral directors, nursing personnel, medical records staff, attending and resident staff in other departments.
18. 18. Participates as requested in the training of other technical personnel, students, etc.
19. 19. Observes all safety procedures and promptly reports all laboratory accidents to Supervisor.
20. 20. Other relevant duties as assigned.




Minimum of 60 college credits
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