Job Description

The Cerutti lab is seeking a full-time Postdoc to dissect the regulation and gut microbiota reactivity of T cell-dependent and T cell-independent SIgA responses, to determine how these responses shape microbiota composition, and elucidate the molecular requirements of these responses by using mouse models as well as human samples. This project is part of a collaborative project between Dr. Cerutti and Drs. Cunningham-Rundles, Meffre and Casanova.
The B cell biology Laboratory uses state-of-the-art cellular, molecular and in vivo techniques to address clinically relevant questions related to the regulation of antibody production by B cells. We are particularly interested in the mechanisms whereby innate immune cells facilitate the activation of B cells. We are also analyzing how intestinal B cells generate antibodies to commensal bacteria and how these antibodies shape the composition of the gut microbiota. Our interest extends to intestinal antibody-binding protein such as the mucin 2, which enhances gut homeostasis.
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