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Lead Full Stack Engineer - Consumer Digital

New York, New York
Information Technology

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Consumer Digital Solutions - Req #2353452

Lead Full Stack Engineer 

Roles & Responsibilities:

As the Lead Full Stack Software Engineer for the group you will get to work on a high-caliber team within one of the top health systems in the world. To drive this expanded focus on the consumer, the Mount Sinai Health System is launching a new Consumer Digital Solutions team, as an affiliate of the Population Health division, Mount Sinai Health Partners (MSHP). The Lead Engineer will be responsible for evaluating and using the latest mobile, web, and server technologies to engineer a completely new product. You will report directly to the CTO and collaborate with the Product Strategy team, as well as clinical, operational, and sales leads within the health system to develop integrated solutions.

The ultimate goal is to deliver real-world, modern products that help patients with access, navigation, service, payments, and overall clinical outcomes. The long-term vision for the team is to scale this platform across the enterprise and potentially ‘spin out’ to develop products for and with other health systems.


Team Collaboration: Work with the head UX/UI designer and Product Lead to turn requirements into beautiful, consumer- grade experiences. Attend daily standups and communicate with CTO and CPO on roadmap and deliverables.

Domain Knowledge: Follow the market and the latest and greatest technologies being used to engage consumers and build great products. Know the relevant libraries and frameworks and be able to differentiate ‘hype’ from ‘game changer.’

System Design: Understand cloud infrastructure and what components are in the toolbox and how to make them all work together in a unified product.

Product Development: Build mobile-first web applications and native mobile applications. Be able to provide estimates and deliver high-quality output on-time and in-budget.




Engineering Professional: We are looking for a senior software engineer with 8+ years of experience building products for web and mobile applications. We want someone with consumer experience where real customers and external users used the products you developed, and those products then scaled up in terms of volume of transactions, interactions, features, etc. A Computer Science or equivalent college degree is required.


Technical Acumen: Strong foundational engineering skills and demonstrated ability to maintain an active mastery over the newest development platforms, methodologies, and architectures through self-directed research and education. At a minimum, the ideal candidate will exhibit the majority of the following technical competencies:


  • Fluent in back-end language: Node and Go a plus, or Java, Ruby, Python, Scala

  • Fluent in Database systems: SQL (Postgres) and NoSQL (Mongo, Dynamo/DataStore)

  • Fluent in UI Stack: Javascript, HTML, CSS/Sass, and React & Redux Frameworks

  • Fluent in web and security tech: APIs, DNS, Https, Logins, SSO, OAuth

  • Experience with Cloud Infrastructure AWS or Google Cloud, unix systems

  • Experience with Github or other source control system using feature branches and sprints

  • Bonus if exp. in mobile native using ReactNative,iOS Swift, or Android

  • Bonus if exp. in UI component library like Material UI, Bootstrap, or Blueprint

  • Bonus if exp. in tracking tools like Amplitude, Google Analytics, Hotjar, etc.

  • Bonus if experience with visualization library like D3.js or Google Charts

  • Bonus if experience with GraphQL and data schema focused APIs

Entrepreneurial Heritage: Entrepreneurial spirit and desire to quickly develop product concepts, with a focus on continuous improvement and long-term career goals to be part of a startup-like company focused on dramatically improving US healthcare.




  • Customer-Focused: Put yourself in the shoes of the customer, a patient needing help. Build the system you would want for you or your family during a time of need.

  • Pathfinder: Nothing beats a relentless desire to innovate despite all obstacles. Hustle and find a way.

  • Curiosity: Never stop learning. Challenge ideas and look at the data.  “The capacity to learn is a gift.  The ability to learn is a skill.  The willingness to learn is a choice.” - Brian Herbert

  • Opinionated: Bring innovative ideas to the table. Don’t be afraid to be wrong, and know how to have a professional, best-ideas-win debate. Collaborate and work together to refine.

  • Passion: Empathy with a bias for action to make an impact on healthcare. Love what you do.

  • High Standards: Iterate. Do not settle; great products are made in the last 10% of polish. We are building consumer grade experiences for people in need of healing, and they deserve the best.

  • Ownership: Demonstrate follow-through on whatever you do. Take on any task necessary to help.


Mount Sinai Health System is accelerating a transition to a business and operating model oriented towards the changing demands of the healthcare industry. Success in this new model will require, among other things, an expanded focus on the consumer. Traditionally, the focus of consumer engagement was limited to their role as patients and associated primarily with the services rendered in our hospitals and physician offices. In the new model, Mount Sinai will need to engage consumers, their families, and caregivers throughout the health care life cycle, i.e. when they shop for and buy health care, when they are trying to stay well, and when they need care. Beyond the hospital and the doctor’s office, we will engage them at home, at work, and in the community. We must engage with them when and how they want to be engaged.

This will require Mount Sinai to “productize” these points of engagement with consumers. It will require new leaders with core competencies in the areas of software engineering, big data, behavioral economics, person-centered design, and rapid iteration development and experimentation, all of which are more frequently and effectively practiced outside the healthcare industry today.

Our charter is to productize solutions using the latest and greatest technologies, operating like a startup, but leveraging a strong bias for action, clinical expertise, and robust funding from the broader Mount Sinai ecosystem.

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