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New York, New York

Job Description

Organizational Location: R&D Program/Research Foundation/Spinal Cord Damage Research Center
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
This incumbent functions as a Post-doctoral Fellow/Research Scientist for the Spinal Cord Damage Research Center (SCDRC), VA Medical Center, Bronx, New York. The incumbent performs all activities related to protocols approved for SCI by the IRB, IACUC, SRS, R&DC or other applicable Committees as directed by the Principal Investigator. The incumbent is responsible for taking the lead toward completing research objectives of the protocols. Duties may include supervision of technical staff and trainees, The incumbent will perform the following duties as assigned per the scope of practice.
1. Preparation or assisting with preparation of research protocols for review by local research oversight committees.
2. Organization of, planning for and execution of complex research projects.
3. Day-to-day management of complex research projects
4. Coordination of surgeries, animal care, tissue collection and other team-based aspects of the project with lab staff and VMU staff, and others as required.
5. Meticulous keeping of lab notebooks, post-operative records, and other records as required by the research project.
6. Clear and cordial communication with all staff involved in the project(s).
7. Basic management skills acquired through teaching or working with lab staff is expected.
8. Basic skill in writing sufficient to prepare portions of manuscripts grants is expected. Proficiency in summarizing and synthesizing data is expected.
9. Competency in the execution of multiple aspects of laboratory research projects such as animal surgeries, management of transgenic mouse colonies, post-operative care,
behavioral testing, euthanasia, tissue collection, and standard laboratory biochemical assays.
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