Mount Sinai Careers


New York, New York

Job Description

The scope of research of the postdoctoral fellowship is focused on projects to promote health and healthy lifestyle habits relating to cardiovascular diseases.
The aim of the research team is to reduce the future risk of obesity, heart attacks, strokes and type 2 diabetes, both in children and in their parents or carers.
Therefore, the chosen candidate will be responsible for working together with local teams to measure/assess the impact of an integrated approach to the promotion of cardiovascular health among pre-school children and their carers.
Among other tasks, this will include:
- Assisting in the design and follow-up of the trials.
- Assessing the health promotion interventions.
- Guaranteeing data protection and compliance with data protection and transfer laws.
- Devising plans for and assessing the participants involved in the study.
- Managing research data; helping to reply to queries related to the institutions financing the research projects, requesting programme updates.
- Preparing publications for submission to high-impact journals.
- Organizing and giving presentations.
- Collaborating in subsidy applications for the different projects.
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