Mount Sinai Careers


New York, New York

Job Description

Applicant will be working on projects to identify novel molecular targets to be exploited in treatment strategies for pulmonary arterial disease and atherosclerosis.

Damage to blood vessel wall and subsequent smooth muscle cell proliferation and endothelial cells dysfunction after arterial injury play an important role in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Under the PI's supervision, applicant will be using genetically engineered mouse models and epigenomic approaches to investigate the role of BMPR2 protein loss in pulmonary vascular remodeling dysfunction. In addition, he/she will be involved in defining the effects of novel mediators of cell-cell communication and the potential biomarkers in cardio-pulmonary interaction using 3D co-culture of human pluripotent stem cells derived vascular cells.

He/She will present his/her research findings to other laboratories within the Center and to our collaborators. He/She will also be responsible for writing and submitting papers resulting from his/her work and applying for grant funding.
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