Job Description

Postdoctoral fellowships in chemical biology. The Ellis-Davies lab is well known for work at the interface of chemistry and biology (e.g. photosensitive, or caged, neurotransmitters for the stimulation of nerve cells). A postdoctoral position is available in my lab at Mount Sinai School of Medicine to make novel optical probes for two color actuation using modern synthetic organic chemistry. The successful candidates will have the opportunity to interact with biologists and learn about pharmacology and neuroscience. Our papers appear in high profile journals (e.g. JACS, Nature Chemical Biology, Nature Methods, Nature Protocols, Science, Nature, Neuron, etc.). Candidates should have a Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry or chemical biology for consideration.
The Ellis-Davies lab is well equipped, we have three two-photon microscopes, a 300 MHz NMR, preparative and analytical HPLCs. The Department of Chemical Biology has two 600 MHz NMR, ToF HR-MS, HTS robotics, etc. The Department of Neuroscience has several confocal microscopes, two EM spectrometers, etc.
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