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Job Description

The Mount Sinai

Senior Associate, Operations Team




Mount Sinai is one of the largest health systems in the U.S. with a strong reputation for quality of care (18th ranked academic medical center) and research/education (22nd ranked medical school).  Traditions are important, but at Mount Sinai, we are looking for people to join our team who want to make healthcare better by improving the value of care for patients, purchasers, and communities.


The health care system has historically set a low bar for customer service and treating patients like consumers – earning itself some of the lowest customer satisfaction scores of any industry as a result.  We want to change all that.  To earn the consumer’s trust and empower them in their own health, we are building a set of clinical and non-clinical services that empower patients and acknowledge them as a customer in the process.


Within Mount Sinai, the Commercialization Team was created to assemble Mount Sinai's clinical and population health assets into product offerings (e.g., care bundles, worksite health centers, insurance products in partnership with health plans), and sell them to individuals and employers via multiple channels . We are looking for talented professionals to join our Operations team with experience in strategy, product management and healthcare operations. We want people who are passionate about developing a true system of care that can create market-leading value for our customers, members and patients.


To help achieve these goals, we have launched a new line of business of next generation health centers. With these health centers, Mount Sinai builds a primary care practice at or near employer’s with a financial model that enables the clinical team to focus on providing patient-centered care vs. billing revenue.


We are looking for team members who:

·         Have a “do whatever it takes” attitude

·         Thrive in fast-paced work environments

·         Seek to improve the status quo

·         Are comfortable “playing up” and “playing down” as needed to accomplish business objectives

Role Summary


Come join a group of smart, passionate individuals who recognize business as usual is over and are together innovating a new system of care. We are looking for a Senior Associate to join our Commercialization Operations Team, focused on developing healthcare solutions that deliver a great value and a best-in-class experience for our customers.


In this role, you will drive the design, implementation, and operation of the Commercialization Team’s new solutions in collaboration with our Product Development and Sales teams, including engaging with our clients directly as we ideate and implement solutions that meet their needs. The Senior Associate is a highly visible role with significant opportunities to lead change and engage with senior leadership across the Mount Sinai Health System.




Development and Implementation of Product Solutions

·         Create and implement the ongoing operations of patient-centric solutions, such as onsite health centers, wellness programs, and navigation services, in close collaboration with customers and Mount Sinai hospital and ambulatory operations

·         Execute service and outcome promises and track ongoing performance

·        Oversee operational aspects and scope of work, create and execute project work plans, identify and manage resources, and assign individual responsibilities

Program Development and Continuous Quality Improvement 

·         Lead the development of customized programs to meet the needs of our patient and employer customers

·         Partner with internal experts, vendors, and customer partners to inform product development and implementation

·         Create and promote a culture based on a “patient first” principle

·         Analyze performance data & existing care pathways to identify best practices across the system

·         Align clinical leadership on a standard pathway including quality metrics & targets

·         Identify gaps in patient experience & propose solutions to make the patient’s journey seamless

·         Gather and analyze patient and customer feedback to inform operations and incorporate customer feedback into day-to-day operations, customer reporting and governance processes

·         Troubleshoot and respond to issues raised by customers (clients, patients and partners)

·         Lead continuous improvement process as a part of the Centers of Excellence governance approach

Development of an Operations Playbook

·         With clinical oversight from a Medical Director, develop and refine a robust clinical and operational playbook for solutions as MSHP gains more customers. This playbook will guide MSHP’s future implementations of solutions and will be leveraged across different initiatives within Mount Sinai

·         Identify how existing processes can be improved and innovated upon to better serve our customers and our patients

·         Work with local teams and internal partners to identify learnings to date to inform iterations and future implementations

Client Relationship Management

·         Interface with customers, leading key aspects of account management activities throughout the implementation and ongoing operation of product solutions.

·         Work closely with Sales account management team members to assess feasibility of customer requests and help guide customers to solutions that best fit their needs

·         Act as the subject matter expert for Operations in interactions with customers directly




Education and Experience

·         Bachelor’s Degree

·         3+ years of professional experience in a fast-paced work environment  

·         Proven aptitude for process improvement; certification programs and/or Master’s Degree in Business, Engineering, or related fields desired

·         Experience at a leading management consulting firm, leading health care system, and/or high-growth/scaled health care startups preferred

·         Expertise in Microsoft Office Suite (PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)


Additional Skills and Qualities

·         Highly organized and detail-oriented

·         Self-motivated team player

·         Solutions-oriented thinker

·         Passion for health care as evidenced by academic or personal pursuits and professional experience



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