Job Description

Led by Dr. Roxana Mehran, the Center for Interventional Cardiovascular Research and Clinical Trials engages in innovative, patient-centered research related to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

The Postdoctoral Research Scholar for Women and Cardiovascular Disease will be an integral part of developing the Center’s scientific research agenda for advancing knowledge around the mechanisms of disease and treatment strategies for women with cardiovascular diseases.. This 12-24 month position will be central to moving current related research projects forward as well as identifying and pursuing new funding opportunities. The position will also assist in developing a broader research strategy for addressing the treatment of cardiovascular disease in women.

1. Provides research, writing and project support for all women and cardiovascular disease research and educational projects.
a. Collaborates with the physician leadership to prioritize research efforts
b. Conducts needs assessments and market research to support project development
c. Collaborates with biostatistics team in preparing statistical analysis plans and streamline the multitude of statistical analysis requests
d. Drafts and prepares scientific manuscripts for journal submission
e. Tracks the status of ongoing analyses, and submitted abstracts/manuscripts
2. Identifies, evaluates and pursues new funding opportunities related to women and cardiovascular disease.
a. Collaborates with physician leadership in designing scientifically relevant clinical studies aimed at advancing the field in areas of unmet clinical need
b. Prepares grant proposals, including needs assessment, protocol synopses and statistical analysis plans.
c. Works with internal staff to determine appropriate budgets and to gather requisite documentation for submission.
3. Assists in developing a strategic roadmap for the Center’s prioritization of sex-based clinical trials, outcomes and implementation research.
a. Conducts environmental scan to determine current landscape and scientific gaps.
b. Develops recommendations for related RFP responses and investigator initiated research opportunities.
c. Works with physician leadership and key staff to define goals, objectives, tactics and metrics of success.
4. Other duties as assigned.

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