Job Description

Dr. Lafaille’s laboratory is interested in understanding the mechanism underlying allergic disease and
involved in mucosal immunology. The research is focused in the understanding of B cell
memory responses. The Postdoc will assist in planning, executing and analyzing experiments in different
animal models for a better understanding of the IgG1 memory responses. Our
experiments usually comprise immunizations and consequent flow cytometry or sorting.

• Conduct a specified research under the supervision and direction of your Principal
• Engage in appropriate training and professional development opportunities as
required by your Principal Investigator, your School or Institute.
• Support the lab and research group in the design and
development of the research program.
• Support if required, the development of proposals for research funding.
• Engage in the dissemination of the results of the research in which you are
engaged as directed by and with the support of and under the supervision of your
Principal Investigator.
• Engage in the wider research and scholarly activities of your research group,
School and Institute.
• Take responsibility as requested for day-to-day advice and support of graduate
research students associated with your research group.
• Mentor and assist, as appropriate and as directed, the research graduate students.

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