Job Description

The lab of Carlos Cordon-Cardo at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York City is recruiting a highly-motivated postdoctoral fellow with the commitment to excellence for studies in stem cell and cancer biology. Research focus: Our lab use human stem cells, cancer cell lines, human patient-derived xenograft and transgenic mouse models to study mechanisms of tumorigenesis in human prostate cancer, human sarcomas as well as human colorectal cancer. We are interested in understanding the biology of normal stem cell and cancer stem cells using mouse models and single-cell approaches. We also seek to understand the mechanisms of tumor immune evasion driven by cancer stem cells including studies of the regulation of immune response-related molecules. Furthermore, we seek to develop methods to promote tumor immune response in order to translate our findings into clinical advantages. Expertise with cancer mouse models, stem cell culture, molecular biology, genomic analyses, and/or bioinformatics would be advantageous.

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