Associate Researcher ( Part Time 7.5 hours per week), Department of Psychiatry

Job Description

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Roles & Responsibilities:

The incumbent functions in the Psychiatry Research Laboratory and is involved in basic research in the fields of neuroscience, neuropathology, and neurological and psychiatric diseases/disorders. The research effort is concerned with Neurobiological mechanisms of reduced AD-Neuropathology by treatment of diabetes and the molecular pathways involved in cell-type specific gene expression in aging, dementia and schizophrenia. This work will involve related academic disciplines encompassing the fields of Molecular Neurobiology, Neuroscience and Neuropathology. It will require knowledge of Gene and Protein Expression, next generation RNA sequencing (RNA-seq), Fluorescence-based Sell Sorting (FACS), Immunohistochemistry and Immunofluorescence.


This position is assigned to participate in elucidation of the molecular mechanisms that underlie a complex neurological processes such as aging and diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and schizophrenia. The studies conducted by the incumbent also involve elucidation of novel therapeutic avenues for successful aging, AD and schizophrenia. The research will encompass studies of molecular abnormalities and will also involve the development of cellular and animal models, including transgenic models, which are instrumental to the understanding of the mechanisms that underlie disease-associated abnormalities.


Duties will include (but are not limited to):

  • Preparation of biological specimens (such as, nuclear cell fractions, extracellular bodies, RNA, DNA and proteins derived from postmortem human or rodent brain, fluorescent-activated cell sorting (FACS), cell culture)
  • Quality control of these specimens using appropriate instrumentation
  • Routine maintenance of instruments
  • Performing biochemical and molecular assays (e.g., quantitative PCR, ELISA, Immunohistochemistry, Western blotting, RNA-library preparation, RNA-seq.)
  • Performing assays that involve cell sorting and laser capture microscopy
  • Selecting, qualifying and quantifying data for analysis and then drafting reports and papers for peer review publication
  • Performs other related duties
  • BS in science field
  • The work requires an advanced knowledge of laboratory practice, detailed knowledge of certain molecular biology procedures, detailed knowledge of equipment operations and quality assurance procedures as well as solid understanding of several areas of biology which will allow the incumbent to function independently. It includes knowledge of molecular biology, biochemistry, histochemistry and microscopy, as well as general knowledge of other areas of biological sciences is necessary for this position
  • The work involves the application of established analytical procedures as well as assisting in the development of new assays as required by the laboratory and dictated by the research results. The position requires knowledge of contemporary molecular and biochemical methods that can be used to investigate novel hypothesis of neurological diseases. Specifically, the position requires the knowledge of preparative procedures such as RNA, DNA and protein isolations from brain tissue (postmortem human tissue and animal tissue) and quality control, and familiarity with isolation of nuclei from postmortem tissue and their labeling with antibodies for FACS. The position also requires knowledge of various analytical assays such as end point PCR, real-time quantitative PCR with fluorogenic probes for gene expression and SNP-genotyping analysis, library construction for RNA sequencing, immunohistochemistry and Western blotting
  • The position requires the ability to analyze, quantify, and qualify data obtained in research experiments and then draft reports working in concert with the PI and for peer review publication as appropriate using a number of computer applications (including, but not limited to MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Sigma Plot, Reference Manager, Vector NTI, MetaCore)
  • Excellent communication skills
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