Job Description

Join an exciting new laboratory in the Mount Sinai Precision Immunology Institute and the Department of Radiation Oncology studying cancer immunology and the interaction of the DNA damage repair and response pathways with the host immune system. Candidates should have a background in tumor biology, tumor immunology, cancer genomics or DNA repair and basic familiarity with mouse models. 
Applicants with primarily a computational background will also be considered.

The postdoctoral fellow will work under the guidance of a physician-scientist principal investigator and be involved in both basic and translational studies addressing fundamental but clinically-relevant topics.

Roles and responsibilities include:

1. Design and conduct cutting edge experiments to gain important mechanistic insights into tumor immunology under the direction of the PI
2. Work closely with collaborators to answer important questions in the field
3. Be an active participant team member in a vibrant research institution and department
4. To work towards development of independent scientific ideas and post-doctoral appropriate grants (e.g., K award), with a long-term goal of independent investigator status.

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