Mount Sinai Careers


New York, New York

Job Description

A. Clinical/Technical/Service
  1. Demonstrates the ability to perform clinical/technical/service/administrative tasks:
  1. Assist mothers one-on-one with breastfeeding – MBU, NICU, PICU, Birthing Center, L&D, Pediatrics and other areas as requested
  1. Uses current lactation theories and research to develop evidence-based feeding plans that address individual feeding issues.
  1. Teach proper use of the breast pump and other breastfeeding tools as necessary
  2. Work with Physicians, Midwives,  RNs, and Staff to support breastfeeding
  3. Teach, support and coach breastfeeding mothers utilizing evidence-based practice and with approved educational resources
  4. Refer mothers to community based resources for follow up and support post discharge
  5. Evaluates equipment used to support breastfeeding
  6. Serves as a consultant to members of the healthcare community and the larger community in areas of lactation
  7. Participates in breastfeeding support groups and prenatal breastfeeding education programs
  8. Conducts group education breastfeeding classes for new postpartum women
  9. Support lactating hospital employees
Age Specific Competencies (check all patient population served)
        PNeonate/Infant   PPediatric   Adolescent  P Adult   Geriatric   Not Applicable
         a. Identifies physical, behavioral and emotional characteristics typical for the age group.
         b. Modifies approaches based on patient age-specific needs and responses to treatment.
         c. Provides care for patients based on age-specific needs.
         d. Uses communication techniques that are age appropriate.
B. Organizational/Managerial
              13. Participates in the department’s performance improvement activities.
              14. Maintains patient/employee confidentiality.
              15. Participate in the development, implementation, and evaluation of standards of practice, guidelines,  
                    policies, procedures, and protocols with the area of lactation.
              16. Chairs interdisciplinary breastfeeding task force committee                
              17. Participate in cohort to support the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative.
C. Educational/Professional Development
18. Participates in the development of annual breastfeeding competencies of staff
                             19. Assists with the orientation of new staff members including Prenatal Core Competencies for
                              20. Teach, coach, support and mentor nursing staff and other healthcare learners to promote evidence-
                                     based clinical practice and support breastfeeding skills to the mother/baby dyad                                                                             
21. Utilize evidence-based research and knowledge to support clinical, educational, and consultative
       roles in order to provide best practice lactation services and to improve clinical outcomes
                              22. Recertifies with International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners every 5 years
D. Communication/Relationships
23. Demonstrates a professional, courteous, and respectful attitude in dealing with patients, families and
     significant others
24. Displays courtesy, tact and patience during interactions with all members of the hospital staff and extended community
25. Adheres to Continuum’s legal and ethical standards
E. Other
26. May be required to perform other duties as assigned or perform other duties when necessary
Items 1-XX are essential functions of this position under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Item “E1” is an essential function for all patient care providers, Finance and IT and non-essential function for all support departments that do not provide patient care.
Continuum Health Partners is committed to the tenets of diversity and workforce that is strengthened by the inclusion of and respect for our differences.
Bachelor‘s degree in nursing
Previous experience and educational preparation to support credentials.
Excellent teaching, verbal and written communication skills essential.
 Experience in teaching 1 to 1 or in small groups.
Understanding of diverse cultural, physical, emotional, and psychological response to birthing, lactation and parenting.
IBCLC certification, current and renewed every 5 years
NRP certification
BLS certification
Licensed and currently registered to practice as a registered professional nurse in New York State.