Mount Sinai Careers


New York, New York

Job Description


A. Clinical/Technical/Service

1.     Responsible for facilitating student learning and evaluating the theoretical and clinical learning experiences

2.     Participates in formulating and implementing the philosophy, conceptual framework and objectives of the school

3.     Performs all activities related to the educational program

4.     Selects and guides learning experiences in accordance with course objectives

5.     Utilizes appropriate instructional modalities in teaching

6.     Augments knowledge and skills in area of teaching responsibility

7.     Fosters a climate conducive to learning

8.     Participates in the selection of appropriate texts for courses

9.     Teaches in assigned courses or classes as scheduled

10.  Identifies students learning needs relevant to course objectives

11.  Participates in selection of clinical units which facilitates student learning

12.  Selects clinical assignments aimed at correlating theory with clinical practice

13.  Conducts pre and post conferences which enhance student learning

14.  Observes and guides students in carrying out their clinical assignments

15.  Maintains progress reports for all assigned students

16.  Participates in preparation, administration and analysis of examinations

17.  Reviews students’ overall progress with course faculty

18.  Attends all course meetings

19.  Keeps students informed of their progress through on going conferences and clinical evaluations.  Provides students with the opportunity for self evaluation

B. Organizational/Managerial

20.  Participates in the department’s performance improvement activities

21.  Maintains patient/employee confidentiality in the management of information

22.  Observes the Health Care System’s compliance policies

23.  Participates in the activities of the Faculty Organization

24.  Participates in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the educational program

25.  Participates in the systematic evaluation of the total program

26.  Interviews prospective students

27.  Participates in orientation programs

28.  Participates in school functions

29.  Periodically assists with recruitment

30.  Adheres to school/faculty policies

31.  Contributes data for annual reports and submits Self Study Report

32.  Serves on various committees of the Faculty Organization

C. Educational/Professional Development

33.  Participates in the development of other staff members

34.  Meets regulatory, licensure and annual health assessment requirements

35.  Identifies learning strengths and needs

36.  Utilizes learning resources

37.  Attends and participates in all meetings of the Faculty Organization

38.  Utilizes self-evaluation and establishes goals aimed at continued personal and professional growth

39.  Participates in continuing education programs to further knowledge and professional growth.

40.  Provides academic counseling and advisement to students and makes referrals to appropriate personnel when necessary

D. Communication/Relationships

41.  Demonstrates a professional, courteous, and respectful attitude in dealing with patients, families and significant others

42.  Displays courtesy, tact and patience during interactions with all members of the hospital staff and extended community

43.  Collaborates with course colleagues in completing final student evaluations

44.  Serves as an advisor to various student projects and organizations as needed

45.  Recognizes individual differences in learning and supports students efforts in achieving course objectives

46.  Participates in professional community activities

47.  Collaborates and cooperates with colleagues in planning and implementing student  learning experiences

48.  Adheres to Continuum’s legal and ethical standards

49.  May be required to perform other duties as assigned

Items 1-48 are essential functions of this position under the Americans with Disabilities Act

Continuum Health Partners is committed to the tenets of diversity and workforce that is strengthened by the inclusion of and respect for our differences


Master’s Degree in Nursing


Minimum two years recent clinical nursing experience in a relevant health care agency.  Clinical expertise in area(s) of responsibility.  Teaching experience in an Associate Degree Program preferred. Ability to supervise 9-10 students in a clinical setting.  Good voice projection for classroom teaching.


Current New York State licensure as a Registered Nurse, BCLS