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Radiologic Technologist

New York, New York
Allied Health

Job Description

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Dept Name- REQ #73577


Job Title:Radiologic Technologist



Roles & Responsibilities:


·         A. Clinical/Technical/Service

·         1.     Performs radiographic examinations on patients referred by physicians in accordance with Radiology protocols

·         2.     Performs routine radiographic procedures on patients following departmental protocols; including assignments to interventional procedures, operating room, cystoscopy and portables as needed

·         3.     Assists, prepares and positions patients as required to perform radiological procedures

·         4.     Evaluates radiographs for technical acceptability

·         5.     Employs radiation protection measures and follows departmental protocols to keep exposure of patients and hospital personnel to a minimum

·         6.     Demonstrates evidence of collimation on all images

·         7.     Demonstrates radiographically visible evidence of shielding in all instances where appropriate, especially pediatrics

·         8.     Performs preparation of parental contrast media and accessories required to assist the physician in performing procedures

·         9.     Maintains x-ray equipment in good working condition and cleanliness, reports all equipment problems to supervisor

·         10.  Processes radiographs or images and loads automated film handling equipment as required to complete the exam

·         11.  Supervises Radiology technology students

·         12.  Maintains supplies and accessories in radiographic room necessary to safely perform duties

·         13.  Leaves x-ray room in a orderly fashion(ready for the next patient)

·         14.  Obtains/utilizes supplies necessary to meet job standards

·         15.  Schedules exams into DECRAD (Radiology Information System) as required

·         16.  Performs quality control tasks on film developing equipment (sensitometry); records pertinent data as required

·         17.  Accurately records all required patient tracking into IDX

·         18.  Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care, based on physical, psychosocial, educational, safety, and related criteria, appropriate to the age of the patients served in assigned area

·         Age Specific Competencies (Neonate/Infant, Pediatric, Adolescent, Adult, Geriatric)

·         a.   Identifies physical, behavioral and emotional characteristics typical for the age group

·         b.  Modifies approaches based on patient age-specific needs and responses to treatment

·         c.   Provides care for patients based on age-specific needs

·         d.  Uses communication techniques which are age appropriate

·         B. Organizational/Managerial

·         19.  Participates in the department’s performance improvement activities

·         20.  Maintains patient/employee confidentiality in the management of information

·         21.  Observes the Health Care System’s compliance policies

·         C. Educational/Professional Development

·         22.  Participates in the development of other staff members

·         23.  Meets regulatory, licensure and annual health assessment requirements

·         24.  Identifies learning strengths and needs

·         25.  Utilizes learning resources

·         D. Communication/Relationships

·         26.  Demonstrates a professional, courteous, and respectful attitude in dealing with patients, families and significant others

·         27.  Displays courtesy, tact and patience during interactions with all members of the hospital staff and extended community

·         28.  Adheres to Continuum’s legal and ethical standards

·         29.  May be required to perform other duties as assigned



·         High School graduate or equivalent education.  Graduate from an accredited program in Radiologic technology.



·         New York State license in Diagnostic Radiology, ARRT certification.


Potential exposure to radiation.  Requires lifting of patients and movement of large mobile(portable x-ray units).