Mount Sinai Careers

Manager X Ray

New York, New York
Allied Health

Job Description


A. Clinical/Technical/Service

1.     Supervises the day to day activities of Radiology Support Services staff (Billing, Reception/Front Desk) the payroll function, departmental budget operations and the special funds budget to ensure efficient and effective operations and quality patient care

2.     Establishes work schedules and priorities to ensure that workflow is controlled and meets departmental needs

3.     Communicates and ensures compliance with institutional/departmental policies and procedures

4.     Ensures quality standards and improvement initiatives are met

5.     Selects, recruits, trains, orients personnel as required

6.     Evaluates performance and initiates/recommends actions such as promotions or disciplinary actions

7.     Develops and maintains job descriptions for staff

8.     Conducts meetings with the staff for informational purposes

9.     Facilitates team work of subordinates

10.  Interacts constructively with co-workers and staff

11.  Considers impact of decisions on others and shares information to minimize workplace disruption

12.  Administers the departmental billing function

13.  Oversees the capture and communication of billing and insurance information, weekly and daily batch submissions, ancillary system charges, IDC-9 coding and QC of all related information

14.  Administers the departmental payroll function.  Acts in the capacity of Payroll Manager

15.  Coordinates with other managers/supervisors to obtain daily payroll information

16.  Inputs, edits generates and submits the bi-weekly departmental payroll on the Kronos system

17.  Coordinates collection and distribution of checks

18.  Interacts with the institutional payroll department

19.  Maintains accruals

20.  Generates and distributes payroll records

21.  Troubleshoots hardware/software problems

22.  Submits PAFs for new hires/status changes related to physicians

23.  Administers the departmental budget functions

24.  Prepares the annual departmental budget

25.  Analyses and monitors the monthly variance reports

26.  Maintains departmental statistics

27.  Administers the departmental special fund budget

28.  Prepares the annual special funds budget

29.  Processes and obtains reimbursements for the special funds

30.  Monitors the special funds budget on a regular basis

31.  Prepares reports as required

32.  Carries beeper and responds to page as necessary

33.  Promotes positive departmental image with patients and physicians during service interactions

34.  Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care, based on physical, psychosocial, educational, safety, and related criteria, appropriate to the age of the patients served in assigned area

Age Specific Competencies (Neonate/Infant, Pediatric, Adolescent, Adult, Geriatric)

a.   Identifies physical, behavioral and emotional characteristics typical for the age group

b.  Modifies approaches based on patient age-specific needs and responses to treatment

c.   Provides care for patients based on age-specific needs

d.  Uses communication techniques which are age appropriate

B. Organizational/Managerial

35.  Participates in the department’s performance improvement activities

36.  Maintains patient/employee confidentiality in the management of information

37.  Observes the Health Care System’s compliance policies

C. Educational/Professional Development

38.  Participates in the development of other staff members

39.  Meets regulatory, licensure and annual health assessment requirements

40.  Identifies learning strengths and needs

41.  Utilizes learning resources

D. Communication/Relationships

42.  Demonstrates a professional, courteous, and respectful attitude in dealing with patients, families and significant others

43.  Displays courtesy, tact and patience during interactions with all members of the hospital staff and extended community

44.  Adheres to Continuum’s legal and ethical standards

45.  May be required to perform other duties as assigned

Items 1-44 are essential functions of this position under the Americans with Disabilities Act

Continuum Health Partners is committed to the tenets of diversity and workforce that is strengthened by the inclusion of and respect for our differences


Bachelors degree preferred.


Minimum of three years managerial or supervisory experience.  Full computer literacy.