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Job Description


Position Title: Lead Carpenter

Department: Engineering

Reports to: Supervisor, Carpenter Shop


A. Clinical/Technical/Service

1.     Makes assignments of specific tasks to shop craftsmen and helpers

2.     Supervises the layout of jobs/or makes necessary work layouts from blueprints as required

3.     Oversees material take off and selection and prepares lists as required

4.     Ensures code compliance

5.     Acts as troubleshooter

6.     Makes up work assignment sheet

7.     Keeps records as required

8.     Assists in planning, scheduling and assigning jobs at critical points to crew

9.     Checks progress of jobs at critical points to ensure that workmanship meets standards

10.  Reviews code compliance to ensure that safety and building regulations are complied with

11.  Obtains pricing and orders materials for repairs or installations

12.  Approves requisitions for materials

13.  Performs carpentry duties including, but not limited to, constructing, marinating, and repairing structural woodwork, drywall, windows and related hardware work, furniture and equipment

14.  Installs, removes and/or replaces vinyl, rubber, floor wall tiles; glazing

15.  Performs removal and/or replacing of acoustical ceiling tiles and related grid support

16.  Builds special equipment of wood or other material, such as display racks, shelves, cases and stands; erects scaffolding and building forms such as those used for pouring concrete

17.  Conforms to all required tool safety procedures

18.  Performs higher level of work necessary to complete job

B. Organizational/Managerial

19.  Participates in the department’s performance improvement activities

20.  Maintains patient/employee confidentiality in the management of information

21.  Observes the Health Care System’s compliance policies

22.  Regularly leads a group of one or more workers

23.  Checks work assignments

24.  Uses judgment in performing needs assessment and in estimating project scope

25.  Modifies or adapts standard procedures and may assign men to specific task

26.  Selects appropriate methodology

C. Educational/Professional Development

27.  Participates in the development of other staff members

28.  Meets regulatory, licensure and annual health assessment requirements

29.  Identifies learning strengths and needs

30.  Utilizes learning resources

D. Communication/Relationships

31.  Demonstrates a professional, courteous, and respectful attitude in dealing with patients, families and significant others

32.  Displays courtesy, tact and patience during interactions with all members of the hospital staff and extended community

33.  Adheres to Continuum’s legal and ethical standards

34.  May be required to perform other duties as assigned

Items 1-33 are essential functions of this position under the Americans with Disabilities Act

Continuum Health Partners is committed to the tenets of diversity and workforce that is strengthened by the inclusion of and respect for our differences


High School Diploma or Trade/Vocational School diploma with specialization in carpentry or completion of a training program recognized by B.I.M.C.


7 years minimum experience as a carpenter of which 3 or more years must have been spent as Journeyman Carpenter.

Thorough knowledge of carpentry shop tools, equipment and their safe/proper use.

Ability to read and interpret blueprints



Exposure to industrial power cutting tools/ Use of Safety devices required (blade guards etc). Dust and particulate conditions exist / Use of goggles dust masks etc. required. Heavy lifting of lumber stock / requiring use of dollies, hand trucks etc. Perform work throughout entire Medical Center. May also be required to work in satellite buildings.