Mount Sinai Careers

Project Coordinator II

New York, New York
Professional / Managerial / Administrative

Job Description

The Project Coordinator II assists in creating and executing plans for complex projects which fall outside the regular operations of the department.  The Project Coordinator II follows projects through all phases including development of the project plan, ensuring adherence to the plan. The Project Coordinator II also has oversight of the project budget. A Project by definition must have a timeline with a beginning and end date.

Duties and Responsibilities                                                                                                  
(in order of importance and/or frequency)    

  1. Establishes the coordination of complex project activities and ensures the quality, timeliness, and integrity of ongoing projects and schedules. Complex projects are typically large in scope affecting several departments, or the entire institution, and have a large budget requiring oversight.
  1. Develops and maintains a detailed project schedule which includes administrative tasks. Ensures adherence to deadlines.
  1. Coordinates and leads assigned project activities ensuring that assignments are completed. May allocate work to team members as necessary, and may provide input to the management regarding team member performance.
  1. Partners with managers, outside contractors, vendors and consultants as required with respect to the project.
  1. May develop and maintain project budgets. May assist in monitoring budget expenses, and ensuring that payments are accurately charged to the project. May be responsible for financial management items, including supply orders, payment authorizations etc. to complete the project.
  1. Organizes, leads and facilitates project-related meetings, including the creation of agendas and preparation of materials. Prepares and/or edits meeting minutes, presentations and tables.
  1. Monitors project deliverables and timelines, notifies management when issues arise, and takes corrective actions, as needed.
  1. Maintains detailed records and documentation of project activity and may be responsible for developing uniform procedures for storing and keeping appropriate documentation. Provides feedback to communicate project findings as appropriate.
  1. May work with the participating members of the project to ensure all necessary communications are made timely and accurately.
  1. May develop reports and other deliverables as assigned.
  1. Tracks project changes and produces updated schedules as required.
  1.  Develops test scenarios if applicable to position, project or department.
  1. May be responsible for conference travel planning, and departmental correspondence as it relates to the project.
  1. Performs other related duties.
*-indicates duty is “essential” as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Minimum Education                                                                                                            
(HS/GED; specialized training; degree and discipline)

Bachelors’ degree required, or equivalent education and work experience.

Minimum Related Experience                                                                                            
(e.g. 1 year in research environment)

3 years of experience required

Minimum Licensing Requirements                                                                                    
(provide name and agency)


Minimum Certification Requirements                                                                               
(provide name and agency)


Minimum Computer Skills                                                                                                  
(provide program and skill level, e.g. MS Word - Basic) (skill levels are Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)

Microsoft Office -Basic

General Skills                                                                                                                       
(e.g. Excellent written and oral communication)

Excellent written and oral communication skills
Excellent organizational skills and the ability to prioritize multiple tasks, projects and assignments
Exceptional attention to detail and accuracy