Genetic Counselor Coordinator

Job Description

Strength Through Diversity

Strength Through Diversity

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Job Summary

The primary role of the cancer genetic counselor is to provide clinical genetic services, including genetic counseling and coordination of genetic testing, to families with or at risk for adult and pediatric hereditary cancer syndromes.  The counselor must be adept at eliciting and recording targeted family history and detailed medical history information; pedigree interpretation and risk assessment; and conveying scientific and technical concepts in a manner understandable to patients.  The counselor offers any appropriate genetic testing, interprets genetic test results and counsels patients regarding future medical management of cancer risks.  Referrals to other services are made as needed.  The counselor is responsible for all aspects of case management (e.g., case documentation; written and oral communications with patients, physicians, testing laboratories and insurance companies).



Other responsibilities include:

1)    Developing written educational materials for patients and providers

2)    Preparing and delivering presentations to professional and lay audiences

3)    Assisting with outreach activities

4)    Supervising students of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine’s Master’s Level Genetic Counseling Training Program in clinical rotations

5)    Participating in administrative meetings of the Cancer Genetic Counseling Program and Departmental and Institutional academic conferences

6)    Assisting with clinical supervision of Genetics Fellows rotating through the Cancer Genetic Counseling Program

7)    Participating in didactic instruction of trainees

8)    Assisting with the development and conduct of clinical research protocols

9)    Assisting in manuscript preparations and grant writing



Candidates for this position must be ABGC (American Board of Genetic Counseling) Board Eligible or Board Certified.      



Strength Through Diversity

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