Director Hep C & Drug User Hlth Educ & Train

Job Description

Provide direction and administration of all Hep C and Drug User Health Education and Training activities at Institute for Advanced Medicine, including the New York State AIDS Institute Grant Clinical Education Initiative (CEI) grant. Oversee all program aspects including daily operations, program and staff development, training activities, fiscal oversight, and coordination of multi-disciplinary service delivery.  Supervise staff that support the functions of grant programs.   Facilitate program evaluation and reporting.  Serve as liaison to funders.  Develop and maintain standards for program services.  Is cognizant of the philosophy, objectives and policies of the Institute for Advanced Medicine and the Hospital Center

A. Clinical/Technical/Service

·         Develops, implements and evaluates program standards, policies and procedures in collaboration with Institute for Advanced Medicine, participating programs and the Hospital Center.

           a. Develops program implementation plans based on identified goals and set time frames.

·         Evaluates the quality and effectiveness of education and training programs.

a. Assists in the development and ensures implementation of methods/criteria to evaluate service delivery.

·         Oversees operations pursuant to short and long term education and training goals, including planning, assignment of responsibilities, progress reporting, monitoring and corrective actions.

·         Performs all functions related to the recruitment, hiring, supervision and evaluation of staff as appropriate.

·         Directs  Education and Training programs, conferences, delivers lectures as needed, designs curricula and materials for staff

·         Ensures implementation of program-related outreach and marketing projects.

·         Works with Grants Finance Manager and Fiscal Program Manager on annual budgets and ongoing expenditure monitoring.

·         Provides for/oversees reporting to funding agencies as required.

·         Directs off and on-site grant funded programs including their development, implementation and evaluation.

·         Demonstrates competence in writing ability; applies to projects effectively.


Grant Reporting

·         Delivers monthly, quarterly and annual reports to grand funders

·         Assists appropriate staff in implementing program deliverables and evaluation as needed.

·         Develops and delivers periodic and final reports of program activities and findings.


Institute for Advanced Medicine Specific Competencies

          a.  Hep C and Drug User Health experience

          b.  Mental Health experience

c.    Computers:  Basic computer skills:  Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Basic social media skills: Facebook, Twitter, etc


B. Organizational/Managerial

·         Maintains patient/employee confidentially in the management of information.

·         Participates in the development of research/grant proposals.

·         Participates in the formulation of departmental policies.

·         Participates in the department’s performance improvement activities.

·         Supervises Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator, Hep C and Drug User Health Education and Training

·         Demonstrates ability to organize and oversee projects effectively.


C. Educational/Professional Development

·         Recruits, sustains and develops internal and external faculty for Education and Training presentations

·         Participates in the development of other staff members

·         Meets regulatory, licensure and annual health assessment requirements.

·         Identifies learning strengths and needs.

·         Utilizes learning resources.


      Master’s degree and 5+ years experience.


      Hep C and Drug User Health experience.  Experience in management and administration of public health programs with a focus in education.  Demonstration of cultural competence. 


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