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Job Description

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Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Ambulatory Care Manager

    The Institute for Advanced Medicine for Health is looking for an Ambulatory Care Manager for one of their clinical practice sites. This individual will maintain responsibility for day to day operational oversight of an ambulatory practice including supervision of clerical staff; ensuring onsite JCAHO and other agency regulatory compliance; conducting interdisciplinary operational staff meetings; facilitating hiring and performance appraisals; coordinating employee training and development; overseeing the clinic-based staff schedules; addressing physical plant needs; and ensuring maximized patient and staff satisfaction. On a day-to-day basis, the Ambulatory Care Manager will work closely with front end staff to facilitate all issues related to patient flow, registration, and billing.


    ·         Manages day-to-day operations of the Clinic to promote the continuous standards of excellence in services render to patients.

    ·         Ensures that operations are coordinated and efficient, resulting in timely delivery of services.

    ·         Identifies problems in operations and develops corrective action plans.

    ·         Ensures compliance within clinic and with all applicable regulations and standards regarding operations.

    ·         Works closely with Nurse Manager and provides direct supervision to registrars, secretaries, etc.

    ·         Participates in the Quality Assurance program of the Clinic; identifying opportunities for improvement and facilitating monitoring activities.

    ·         Ensures a safe environment with the patient care area as well as within the employee workspace.

    ·         Ensures maintenance of facility. Oversees the physical layout of the Clinic and maintains the optimal utilization of available space.

    ·         Supervises the adequate maintenance of supplies and equipment within the Clinic.

    ·         Responds to patient complaints and addresses issues/problems identified. Ensures patient needs are addressed and sets tone consistent with Center's service standards and credo.


    ·         Participates in the department's performance improvement activities.

    ·         Maintains patient/employee confidentiality in the management of information.

    ·         Monitors policies and procedures of the Clinic to assure they are carried out.

    ·         Develops and assists with the development of Clinic policies and procedures.

    ·         Demonstrates ability to gather and use data in support of solutions/decisions and reporting of clinic operations.

    ·         Monitors billing activities to ensure that all billable activities are executed in a timely manner.

    ·         Manages medical records systems, ensuring confidentiality and timely and accurate entry of data.

    ·         Manages all personnel and employee relations matters, including hiring, performance evaluation and disciplinary action.

    ·         Meets regulatory, licensure and annual assessment requirements.

    ·         Ensures onsite JCAHO and other agency regulatory compliance.







  • This position requires a Master's degree in administration or related field, strong interpersonal skills, ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment, and at least 3 years’ experience managing operations and supervising staff in ambulatory care settings

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