Learning and Development

Change is one of the few constants in life. Combined with goals, drive, and a supportive setting, it shapes the future not only of healthcare, but of individual achievement. At Mount Sinai, we are committed to meeting the demands of a rapidly changing world by investing in the ongoing professional development of our people.


Continuing education is paramount to individual and group success at Mount Sinai, and our Talent Development and Learning division (TD&L) is dedicated to equipping our people with the tools and skills needed to thrive. Appreciating that we all learn differently, we offer options --- formal workshops and seminars, instructor-led courses, and web-based opportunities. And to ensure that we are delivering relevant, exciting content in the most efficient and effective manner, we are constantly investigating new delivery modalities to optimize our virtual and physical spaces. By accessing Mount Sinai’s Portal for Education and Advancement of Knowledge (PEAK), you can even access TD&L’s online courses from the comfort of home.


Ready to take your expertise to the next level? You’re in the right place. At Mount Sinai, support is everywhere, growth is continuous, and knowledge is power. It’s your career. And because we understand that you have an array of choices to make in virtually every aspect of your life, we encourage you to seek out what’s best for you. From interacting with engaged leaders who understand career path possibilities to learning more about tuition assistance for formal education programs, determining what you want is crucial to getting what you need.

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At Mount Sinai, we believe you are the architect of your own success. But in order to keep excelling, you must continually be presented with new challenges and responsibilities. We only want the best of you and for you. This is achieved through collaborative learning --- the hallmark of the Mount Sinai professional experience. You’ll have opportunities to partner with compassionate, practiced colleagues. To participate in training that grows your confidence. And to connect and learn in ways that keep you moving forward. Look around. Look ahead. And build the path that works for you.