Health and Wellness Programs

At Mount Sinai we are used to caring for others — it’s what we do — but we also know how important it is to focus on our own well-being. That’s why we make sure our employees have access to the tools and people necessary to help make their personal wellness a priority.


At Mount Sinai, we believe to do your best you must feel your best. We refuse to settle for anything less than the world-class care and innovation Mount Sinai is known for. But in order to stay our best we must feel our best, at all times.

We have created a wellness program, Mount Sinai Fit, to facilitate easy to access health promotion services, information and support so that each and every employee is empowered to achieve their personal health goals. Below are a few of the ways we make sure our employees keep their wellness top of mind.

Feel your best. Do your life’s best work here.

The best-in-class service we pride ourselves on starts with our people and an unwavering commitment to every facet of their well-being.


We know being a parent isn’t easy, especially for working moms and dads. Our Mount Sinai Parent (MSP) program is dedicated to helping our faculty and staff make their “24-hour job” a little more manageable.


Mount Sinai offers mindfulness sessions where you can learn simple, practical techniques to help you better handle the stresses in your life. A sound mind is just as important to us as a sound body.


Eating right is more than a choice. It’s a lifestyle! To make it a part of your life, Mount Sinai offers a number of options for employees who want to improve their nutrition.