Career Events

Shape Your Future

Whether you’re just starting or are an experienced professional, our career events offer a glimpse into the vast opportunities in our leading healthcare system. Discover roles that blend your skills with impactful work, from bedside care to laboratory research. Engage with leaders who show how your background enhances patient care. At Mount Sinai, you’ll find a culture of clinical excellence, innovation, and growth. Join our events to embark on a career that combines purpose with exceptional opportunities to deliver world-class care.


June 5th

Laboratory Interview Day

For: System-wide

June 12th

Cardiac RN Interview Day

For: System-wide

June 6th

Med Surg / Critical Care RN Interview Day

For: Mount Sinai West, Morningside, and Queens

June 13th

RN Open House

For: The Mount Sinai Hospital

June 11th

Behavioral Health RN Interview Day

For: System-wide