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At Mount Sinai, support services professionals in environmental services, food services, facilities, engineering, security, and transport are the backbone of our patient care. These unsung heroes ensure a healing environment by upholding the highest standards of cleanliness, preparing nutritious meals, maintaining facilities, and ensuring safety. Their dedication and attention to detail create a welcoming and secure space, allowing clinicians to provide world-class care. Though often behind the scenes, their efforts are indispensable, enhancing the human connections at the heart of Mount Sinai’s exceptional healthcare delivery.

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Behind every exceptional healthcare experience is a dedicated team of environmental services professionals. At Mount Sinai, our environmental services associates play a vital role in maintaining a clean, safe, and welcoming environment across our hospitals and facilities.
As part of our environmental services team, you'll ensure our clinical areas, patient rooms, public spaces, and more always meet the highest standards of cleanliness and infection control. Through your commitment to quality, you'll help provide a healing atmosphere that patients and staff can feel confident in.
Join our environmental services team and become an integral part of delivering a top-notch healthcare experience. Mount Sinai supports your growth through robust training and development opportunities to further your skills.
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Mount Sinai Health System's commitment to excellence extends from our patient care to our physical infrastructure. Our team of skilled engineers plays an essential role in keeping our hospitals and facilities operating seamlessly to support the vital work of our medical professionals.
As an engineer at Mount Sinai, you will apply your technical expertise to design, construct, maintain, and optimize a vast array of complex systems and equipment. From HVAC and electrical to biomedical and more, your work ensures our state-of-the-art facilities and technology run efficiently and effectively.
Mount Sinai provides ongoing training to help engineers stay ahead of the curve on the latest codes, regulations, sustainability practices, and healthcare facility innovations. We encourage professional development and certifications to drive your career growth.
Join our engineering team and take pride in developing and maintaining an advanced healthcare environment. Your skills empower our clinicians and staff to deliver exceptional patient experiences by ensuring our facilities operate optimally.
Put your engineering talents to work improving lives across Mount Sinai's growing healthcare system. Explore exciting opportunities today!
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Nutrition is a critical component of high-quality healthcare. That's why Mount Sinai's food services team takes pride in preparing and serving delicious, nourishing meals to promote patient healing and satisfaction.
As a food services associate, you'll ensure our patients, visitors, and staff have access to appetizing meals and snacks. From assisting with meal preparation and delivery to maintaining proper food safety and inventory, your role is essential to creating an enjoyable dining experience.
Mount Sinai provides training to develop your culinary and hospitality skills. We value your passion for service as you help nourish the bodies and souls of those in our care. Join a team dedicated to excellence in every meal.
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Maintaining a secure, welcoming environment is paramount in healthcare. Mount Sinai's security services professionals play an indispensable role in safeguarding our staff, patients, visitors, and facilities.
As a security officer, you'll help uphold rigorous safety standards and quickly respond to emergencies. Through vigilant patrols, access control, parking enforcement, and more, you'll ensure our medical centers operate smoothly and safely.
Mount Sinai's security team takes pride in their meticulous training and professionalism. We value integrity and a service-oriented approach as you protect our vital healthcare operations.
Join our security team and become a reassuring presence, allowing our clinical teams to focus on providing exceptional patient care.
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Behind every life-saving treatment and surgical procedure is a coordinated supply chain enabling Mount Sinai's healthcare mission. Our supply chain and materials management teams play an essential role in ensuring our clinicians have the right medical supplies, equipment, and resources - when and where they're needed most.
As part of this vital operations team, you'll help keep our healthcare system running smoothly. Leverage your skills in procurement, inventory management, distribution, and resource allocation to maintain optimal stock levels and streamline product flow across our network of hospitals and facilities.
Mount Sinai is committed to implementing cutting-edge supply chain best practices to drive efficiencies and control costs - without compromising quality. We embrace new technologies like RFID, automated dispensing systems, and data analytics to elevate performance. Your ideas for innovation are encouraged.
Join our supply chain team and play a crucial behind-the-scenes role in Mount Sinai's mission of delivering exceptional patient care. We value professionals dedicated to continuous improvement in healthcare logistics and operational excellence.
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Efficient patient transportation is critical to delivering high-quality, coordinated healthcare. Mount Sinai's patient transporters play an essential role in ensuring patients can access the care they need in a timely, professional manner.
As a patient transporter, you will assist with the safe transportation of patients throughout our facilities and to off-site appointments. Your attentive care helps reduce stress and ensures a smooth healthcare journey for every patient you serve.
Mount Sinai seeks transporters with a caring attitude and commitment to service excellence. We provide training to sharpen your skills in wheelchair/stretcher operations, patient transfer techniques, customer service, and more.
Become a transporter at Mount Sinai and have a direct impact on enhancing our patients' experiences and outcomes. Your role is vital to our integrated care mission.
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